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Malcolm Timothy Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell quotes: highlights from his books and speeches.

“Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.”

“Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard.”

“Working really hard is what successful people do.”

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Adam Grant

Adam Grant quotes: the Wharton whiz puts on a quote clinic.

“Success doesn’t measure a human being; effort does.”

“The more you value achievement, the more you come to dread failure. Instead of aiming for unique accomplishments, the intense desire to succeed leads us to strive for guaranteed success.”

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Eric Siu Single Grain

Single Grain head honcho Eric Siu wants to help you make more money, get more clients, and build the business of your dreams, all while sidestepping the errors, mistakes, and issues he faced growing his agency. This, according to his YouTube ad I just watched.

I’ll review Siu’s Consulting School program in a sec. But first, check out what we’re doing with organic pay per lead. I’ll let my mentor (with the crazy hair) take it from here.

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Nicholas James Vujicic

Nick Vujicic quotes: the limbless legend’s top quotes.

“If you can’t get a miracle, become one.”

“I know for certain that miracles happen, but only for those who hang on to hope.”

“You do not know what you can achieve until you try.”

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Closers Into Leaders

Sales pro Cole Gordon shows coaches, consultants, and agencies how to recruit, hire, and train top 1% sales talent. Is he legit? You’re about to find out. Read on.

But before I review Cole’s 7-Figure Selling Academy, watch this. It’s a case study featuring my mentor and one of his now more than 6,000 students.

They’ll walk you through an internet business with so much potential, you’ll be left pie-eyed.

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@ProducerMichael Instagram

With his flamboyant outfits, exotic cars, luxury watches and tours of mega mansions, Michael Blakey (better known as @ProducerMichael on social media) is hard to miss. But who the heck is he? And how’d he get so rich?

I’ll tell you below. But first, why not put some money in your own pocket? Here’s a practical home business that works for the average person.

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Russ Ruffino, looking like an actor I’d hire to play a pawn shop owner, built a $50 million dollar coaching company with one 45-minute presentation. That’s right. Allegedly, they do $1 to $1.5 million dollars a month. Wanna know how? Read on.

But first, a word from our sponsor. Er, my mentor. Here he is with one of his 6,400+ students—showing off his “virtual toll booth” business model.

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The Nuclear Effect Book

Scott Oldford has helped over 100 business grow past seven figures. And, if you have an online business, he wants to get his new book—The Nuclear Effect: The 6 Pillars of Building a 7+ Figure Online Business—into your hot little hands.

Below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. But first, if you have the time, watch this case study.

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This muscly masked man from Get Scaling claims scaling your business is easier than you think.

And when you click his latest Facebook ad, he’d like you to sign up for a free training that’ll reveal “the three-step cash machine that spits out high-ticket clients every six-and-a-half days and can be setup in under 10-minutes.”

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YouTube Subscribers Sunny Lenarduzzi

Can Sunny Lenarduzzi really teach you how to 100x your YouTube subscribers over the course of the next year? I’m skeptical.

But before I investigate her YouTube For Bosses program, here’s an even easier way to “rank and bank.” As you’ll see, instead of YouTube videos, it’s itty-bitty websites.

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Cody Bjugan Cofounder Vestright

VestRight cofounder Cody Bjugan says you need this “one critical attribute” to make money flipping land. Find out what it is (and if you have it) after the jump.

But first, here’s a case study I’d like you to watch. The dude with the dreadlocks will show you how to rent digital assets to small businesses—just like he taught me a few years ago.

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Sunny Lenarduzzi Vancouver BC

Authority Accelerator creator Sunny Lenarduzzi just did a little humble bragging on Instagram. Before I recap what she said, though, watch this case study.

In the video, you’ll see my millionaire mentor and one of his students show off passive income projects you can totally copy. Pay close attention.

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Gretchen Craft Rubin

Gretchen Rubin quotes: on habits, happiness, self-mastery and more.

“How we schedule our days is how we spend our lives.”

“The desire to start something at the ‘right’ time is usually just a justification for delay. In almost every case, the best time to start is now.”

Work harder to appreciate your ordinary day.”

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Billy Gene Is Marketing IG Photo

Billy Gene Is Marketing is known for his entertaining ads that get quick results. So we expect the “Geneius” marketer to post content about plucking people off Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, warming them up, and converting them into customers.

But the big homie, Billy Gene, threw us a curveball recently when he shared an IG story about an extreme lifestyle experiment he had been doing. Continue reading to see what it was.

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Diana Nyad Pool

Diana Nyad quotes: the swimmer-speaker’s outlook on life.

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

“Write that novel. Start that business you’ve always wanted to. The ultimate high of life is the commitment to pursuing something.”

“Just begin. There’s boldness in beginning. Take that first step and you will find your way. Whereas if you sit back and let inertia take over, you’ll probably never take that step. You’ll never find your way. So just take that first bold step.”

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