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Aarin Chung Reviews (*I’m Stanning Right Now)

Aarin Chung Real Estate Agent Tips

Community Influencer and Honey Bar Media head honcho, Aarin Chung, helps real estate agents get more leads, referrals, and commissions without door knocking or cold calling.

Before I share some of Aarin’s best tips, you might wanna check out what we’re doing with virtual real estate. Here’s my mentor and another one of his students with a case study you’re welcome to model.

New school real estate

After stalking Aarin Chung on Instagram, I’ve decided the following quotes are worth sharing.

“Limiting beliefs will always make things harder than they need to be. If you think something is an obstacle then, of course, your mind is going to treat it as something that’s insurmountable. When a thought isn’t serving you, change it.”

“Reframe obstacles to opportunities. Reframe frustrated to challenged. Reframe problems to possibilities. Always focus on reframing. Master that, and it will change your life (and your income).”

“‘You want me to do what? No, I’m not doing that.’ This was the first thought that popped into my head when he told me that I had to knock on doors and make cold calls in order to generate real estate leads. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t scale. And if it doesn’t scale, I knew it would limit my revenue stream forever.”

“These old-school methods also don’t connect allow us to connect with people in a way that potential clients want to be communicated with. I mean, seriously, in this day and age, unless you’re Amazon, no one wants you knocking on their door.”

Aarin Chung, realtor whisperer

Aarin Chung Digital Marketing

“Every agent needs to learn how to market for the year that we actually live in.”

“I created Community Influencer™ because I was tired of these traditional marketing methods that were created before the internet even existed. We have a better way. And I created this company to tell you the truth.”

“Stop chasing leads and begging for sales. The internet allows you to create high-value content that will attract potential clients like a magnet.”

“Stop fighting social media. It’s the greatest lead generation tool ever invented because it allows you to communicate with people in a way that they want to be heard.”

“Stop believing you’re not creative. You can create an amazing brand that stands out from the crowd and is instantly recognizable by everyone in your community.”

“Stop thinking you need a real estate guru to teach you high-pressure sales tactics. No one wants to be tricked into a transaction. Just be yourself. Operate in authenticity and integrity, and people will choose you because they trust you.”

“I created the largest online learning community for real estate agents in the world. I see people defying all of these myths daily. One of my students closed 38 transactions [in] her first year as a real estate agent. They said she couldn’t do it 100% online. And she replied, ‘Watch me.'”

Aarin Chung—who needs Zillow?

Aarin Chung Close More Homes

“Optimize your online presence. Prepare all of your platforms for high-volume lead generation. Most agents skip this step. If you take the time to do it, you’ll create an instant advantage over your competition.”

“Market your business. This means positioning your brand online so you can become the go-to agent in your community. Creating a cohesive brand will allow you to stand out from the competition and become instantly recognizable to everyone in your community.”

“Generate leads on demand. Craft offers that are highly attractive to buyers, sellers, and residents, so you can extract leads from your sphere and capture leads online… like a magnet.”

“Generate leads at scale. You need a way to get in front of new people. Advertise your offers to the masses, so you can reach new local audiences (outside of your sphere).”

“Nurture relationships at scale. The average incubation time from lead to sale is 12-18 months. You need a way to nurture your leads until they’re ready to buy or sell with you. I teach agents how to nurture thousands of leads at once!”

“Take over your local market. Becoming a Community Influencer™ means being the digital mayor of your town. Your celeb status will give you the notoriety you deserve and make all of your competition irrelevant.”

“This is the exact step-by-step strategy my students use to close five more homes a month… without cold calling or door knocking.”

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