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All things millionaire.

That’s Millyuns.

So, assuming you’d like to make your first, or next, one million dollars?  You might wanna remember the name.

I know, I know.

Lots of websites give advice on how to become a millionaire.  Why get your info here?

Four reasons:

1) We’re millionaires.  Not non-millionaires.  So there’s that.

2) We’re young.  And by we I mean me, Cory, and my wing woman, Alisha, who’s more behind-the-scenes.  And by young I mean early 30s.  Which means, we might have more to offer than: “Max out your 401(k) for 40 years and cross your fingers.”

3) Content over clicks.  Cute, right?  It’s kinda like “bros before hoes,” only for publishing.  Basically, we’ll write what’s helpful, not what’ll bring the most traffic.

4) Comfy.  Is how you’ll feel here.  We’ve handpicked this easy-to-read font.  Left lots of white space to break up the text.  Used a lightweight layout, free from distractions.  You’ll notice, there are no ads or pop-ups.  And certainly, none of those f*cking auto-play videos you can never seem to find to hit mute on.  We pay a premium for fast hosting, so there’s no lag time as you move from one page to the next.  Oh, and we look good AF on mobile.

If all that sounds swell, please, stick around.  If not?  There’s the door.

Group hug,

Cory and Alisha

PS, here’s how we became millionaires, in case you’re curious.