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Millyuns is here to help you make your first (or next) one million dollars.  I know, I know.  There’s already hundreds of websites dishing out advice on how to become a millionaire.  Here are four reasons why you might prefer ours:

1) We’re a small team of self-made millionaires.  And we all did it young.  Early 30s.  But hey, maybe you prefer taking money-making advice from 49 year old freelance writers who earn $17 an hour cranking out crappy articles for those big, bloated websites.

2) We’re all about content, not clicks.  Most sites promise you Wagyu Beef in the headline, then feed you Taco Bell tips.  Not us.  We at least try to be more practical and more entertaining.

3) It’s easier and less annoying to consume our content.  No pop-ups, no auto-play videos, no ads, no slow-loading pages, no distractions.  Easy breezy, bro.

4) We’re specialists.  If it doesn’t deal with millions, we don’t talk about it.  So there’s that.

Now.  Assuming all the above sounds refreshing.

And you’re serious about making your first (or 19th) one million dollars?

Spend as much time as you can here.  Take notes.  Implement.  Fail.  Get back up.  Dust yourself off.  Try again.

Treat this like life or death.  And relax.

Becoming a millionaire has never been more doable for the average person.  (Thanks, internet.)

Hell, everyone’s a seven figure earner these days.  If you ask me, millionaire is middle class.  So don’t be intimidated.  Don’t sell yourself short.  And don’t wait another day.  Start now.

In fact, want my advice?

Build a net worth into the tens of millions, have a good-ass life, then give most of it away.  Like a mini Bill Gates.  That’s what we plan on doing.

Either way, visit us daily for discussion, essays, inspiration, and entertainment on all things millionaire.