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Hey, it’s Cory.

What’s drugs my dealer?

I’m an internet multi-millionaire.

Had my first $1,000,000+ year before turning 30.  Haven’t made less than a milli a year since.

How’d I do it?

Writing.  Which is weird.  Cuz I always hated it in school.

But damn.  It’s fun.  It scales.  There’s no rules.

Work whenever, wherever.

Answer to exactly f*ckin’ nobody.

It’s gotta be the cheapest business ever: my “overhead” is a MacBook Pro and maybe $250 a month for domain, hosting, software.

Plus: it feels good AF to create.

And yes, makin’ money while you sleep doesn’t suck either.

Especially when you hit stupid numbers.

FYI: my biggest month to date is $404,000.  That’s net, too.  Like, that’s how much I pocketed.  In 30 days.  Yeah.  I know.

Nucking futs, huh?  Anyways.

Here are the questions I’m sure you’re asking right about now, along with my brutally-honest answers.

1) So what’s the point of this website?

Millyuns exists to help you become a millionaire online.

How?  By creating a simple website, like this, writing about sh*t you’re into, getting traffic, and then turning that traffic into cold hard cash.

Specifically, $100,000 per month or more.

2) But how do I actually make money?

Any number of ways:

Sell ad space, affiliate marketing, network marketing, sell your own products, programs or services, coaching, consulting, sponsored posts, build it up and flip it for a huge payout, or any combo of the above.

3) And you’ve done this before?

Five times, in five different niches, to be exact.  Millyuns will be my sixth.

4) What if I don’t wanna be a millionaire like you?  Like, what if I’d be happy with just a little extra money on the side?

That’s cool too.  My advice would still be the same.

Only, you could get away with doing a lot less and you wouldn’t have to be nearly as remarkable.

5) So you’re basically a blogger?

Kinda, but I hate that term.  It just sounds dumb.  Plus, it puts you in a box.

I think of myself as a writer – even an artist – and that shift opens up way more possibilities.  And more monies.

6) Okay, blogging, writing, potato, potahto, whatever-the-f*ck you wanna call it, Cory, what if I’m no good at it?

I’d say: are you bad at talking too?  No?  Didn’t think so.  And that’s all I’m doin’ here: typing what I’d say, out loud, to a buddy over a beer.

And when you think about it like that, it’s not so scary, is it?  So, seriously.  Forget English class, forget grammar.  Anyone can do this.  Even you.

And when you do it, daily, a weird thing happens – you get better over time.

7) Aren’t blogs and websites dead?  Like, aren’t funnels taking over?  Or why not just be an influencer on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram?  Or a YouTube star?

Two things.

One, those are websites.  In fact, everywhere you “go” online, every single day, is a website.  Again, probably semantics, but to me, whether it’s a WordPress blog (which is what I use) or a few landing pages on ClickFunnels or anything in between – whatever it is – it’s still a website.

So no, not dead and never will be, as long as there’s an internet.

Second, yes, you can certainly build an entire internet business these days on one or more social media platforms.  But.  Be careful.  You don’t own that sh*t.

I’d hate to have six-figures-a-month riding on those assholes over at YouTube, who can shut your channel down at any time, for any reason, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Nope.  I wanna own my sh*t.

Plus, how you gonna sell it for $50 million some day… if you don’t own it?  You can’t.  You’re forever tied to whichever platform you started on.

The safer, smarter play is to own and control the website yourself.  Then use social media to drive people back to that website if you even want to.

Which, I’m proving, you don’t have to.

8) Good point – so why aren’t you on social media?

I think social media started out great.  It kept us connected to classmates and friends and family who we’d otherwise drift apart from.  It made it quicker and easier for us to get info and share ideas and help one another out.

But bro.  Today?  It’s a f*cking sh*t show.

Clickbait and fake news and complaining and trolling and everybody allegedly prettier and richer and happier than you – or at least, that’s what they want you to believe.

Not only is it a waste of time, but excessive social media is a recipe for becoming fat, lazy, broke, anxious, and depressed.  It’s a death spiral.  I really believe that.

There’s not a single area of my life that hasn’t improved since getting the f*ck off social media.

Now.  Doesn’t mean you have to.  Just tellin’ ya why I won’t be friendin’ or PMing or DMing or tagging your ass anytime soon.

That’s the first part.

Secondly, I’m an introvert.  No desire to be the center of attention.  And I wanna show other introverts that you can still make big money online, without stupid selfies or acting a fool on camera or whoring out your family for marketing material.  (Wink.)

Basically: you don’t need to be internet famous to be an internet millionaire.  I don’t put myself in pics or vids or shoot the sh*t on f*ckin’ Facebook all day, and it hasn’t stopped me from rakin’ in hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month for years now.


9) I see, so do you think this is the best internet business to build?

I do.  And I know there’s a lot of noise out there.

Become a consultant, run Facebook ads for local businesses, start a Shopify store, build a following on Instagram, launch your own podcast, do freelance work, coach people, agency this, expert that, dropship, join your friend’s CBD oil MLM thingy.

It’s totally overwhelming.

And I’m sure there are people doing well, even making millions, in all the above.

But I don’t think any of ’em are as fun, as freeing, as limitless, or as long-term as building out your own website.

Think about it:

You pick what you wanna write about, you do it your way (there are no rules), you answer to nobody, you’re always open for business (nights, weekends, holidays, all day, every day), there’s no ceiling on what you can make, you can do it for as long as you want (even a lifetime – pass it down to your kids one day – the new “family business!”).

See what I’m sayin’?

Most of that other stuff is trendy.  It’ll be here today, gone tomorrow.  Like tight-rolling your jeans.  ‘Member that?

Bottom line is this:

When you take everything into account, this is the most lifestyle-friendly way to make money online.

And like I said earlier, you can be an introvert.  You don’t need to be charismatic or great at public speaking.

You don’t need an office or employees or a big, fancy business.  You can do this as a one-man or woman show.

You can start today.

You don’t need a big budget for paid ads, which are only getting more and more expensive.  (Yes, I’m talking to you, Facebook.)

You can “work” from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, right from your laptop or smartphone.

And yes, you can make money while you sleep, play, spend time with friends and family, travel, work out, watch football, Netflix and chill, or whatever else you’re into.

10) Sounds amazing, actually!  So say I do give this a try.  How long’s it gonna take to get results?

This is the hardest question to answer.

I know you don’t wanna hear, “It depends.”  But it does.  On so many variables.

Such as:

Which niche you go into, how much you write, how often you write, your strategy, how you choose to monetize your website, whether or not you speed things up with paid advertising, and so on.

That said, let’s assume a worst-case scenario.

Let’s say you’re busy AF.  Full-time job, family, grown-ass sh*t to do each day.  And say this is all new to you.  And you’ll be doing no paid ads.  Then what?

Well, I still think it’s possible to make money within the first month.  Why?  Cuz I’ve done it myself.

Granted, it wasn’t major money.  We’re talkin’, like, a $35 commission for a product I recommended as an affiliate.  But still.  That’s pretty fast for “free traffic.”

And how I did it was, I just went after “low-hanging fruit.”  I found a topic to write about that wasn’t at all competitive, so Google put my website at the top of page one when someone searched for that topic.  Right?

But that’s after I’d been in the game for years and knew what the f*ck I was doing.

On the flip side, I’ve had websites I casually added content to for months, even years, and hardly ever made a dime!

So don’t sleep on strategy.  It’s urrthing.

That’s why I put together this free guide: “How To Become A Millionaire Online.”

Whether this’d be a new internet business, a side biz, or a website to promote what you’ve already got goin’, I’m tellin’ ya, this blueprint shows you step-by-step how I take an idea from zero to $100,000 per month.  And enjoy myself thoroughly along the way.

So, if I were you, I’d pounce on that – before I make it into a course and start charging for it.  Just sayin’.



PS, I do so many quotes articles because once you know the formula for becoming a millionaire online, from there, it’s just mindset.  And so, I figure, if you’re constantly reading success CliffsNotes from the world’s richest people?  Well, that can’t hurt now can it?