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Jay Abraham Net Worth

Jay Abraham Coach

Jay Abraham net worth: Jay Abraham, CEO of the Abraham Group, is an author, speaker, and business consultant with a net worth of roughly $73 million dollars.

Abraham has helped over 10,000 businesses bank more money.  He’s researched and solved every business problem, challenge, and opportunity you can think of, across hundreds of different industries around the globe.

Jay Abraham’s reputation for finding hidden assets, untapped opportunities, and underrated possibilities has captured the attention and earned the respect of top entrepreneurs, internet marketers, CEOs, bestselling authors, and thought leaders everywhere.  Those who hire him get a PhD in performance optimization, or how to get maximum results from the minimum amount of time, effort, money, and people.

Abraham’s strategies can be the difference between mediocrity and millions in extra revenue.  And he’s got the testimonials to prove it.  In 2000, Forbes named Abraham a top-five executive coach in the United States.

From my perspective, the most important concept Jay Abraham teaches is his “strategy of preeminence.”  Which is a formula for surpassing every competitor in your category.

How?  By delivering the best experience for your customers or clients; by holding them in the highest esteem and acting in their best interest always; by being a visionary, an educator, a leader; and by raising the bar of excellence in your industry.

And when you do all that?  You can charge more, enjoy bigger margins, grow faster, and outpace all others.

The key is to obsess over service.  Make every interaction with your company extraordinary.  Aim to educate and communicate and pamper and deliver for your clients like no one else can or will.

That’s the dumbed-down version of what I’ve learned from following Jay Abraham over the years.  And I don’t see how any of us could be worse off for practicing preeminence.

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