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AdOutreach Reviews, Cost, Concerns

AdOutreach.com New Webinar

Aleric Heck, in his new webinar, will show you how to create an “infinite pipeline” of course buyers, as well as coaching and consulting clients, using YouTube ads.

Read on for my AdOutreach review. But first, have a look at what we’re doing with free traffic from Google. Pay close attention because you’ll see live, money-making projects you can model.

No YouTube ads necessary

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Okay, I clicked on Aleric’s YouTube ad and registered for his latest on-demand webinar. Moments later, the presentation begins and Aleric picks right up where he left off.

Aleric Heck’s new pitch

YouTube Video Ads Course Creators

The problem, he says, is that the old way of getting high-ticket clients is on life support. Facebook ads and AdWords are too crowded, too pricey; and organic social media does not scale.

Forget Facebook ads

Old Way Get Coaching Clients

The fix, of course, is to dive head-first into the blue ocean of YouTube advertising.

YouTube ads are the future

New Way Get Coaching Clients

But you can’t expect to just wing it and get results, Aleric warns. Your video ads need to have a strong hook to get attention; some real valuable content to build belief in you and your program; and a powerful call-to-action that converts cold traffic into warm leads.

And even if you nail all that, you’re still not out of the woods yet. From here, it all comes down to targeting. What people don’t realize is, with YouTube, you can get more granular than you can with Facebook ads.

Next-level targeting

3D YouTube Ads Targeting Aleric

As you can see, the big money is made by intersecting three things: (1) the type of person you want to sell to (age, sex, someone who can actually afford your fee, etc.); (2) who is passionate about your topic; and (3) is actively looking up information in your area of expertise.

If you do it right, you can pretty much print money, Aleric claims. And, unlike Facebook, YouTube makes it easy to scale. A lot of times, you can simply bump your daily budget and not miss a beat.

Also, you can (and should) follow your perfect prospects around (on YouTube) for pennies on the dollar.

How to maximize your YouTube ROAS

YouTube Retargeting Machine

Aleric likes to use a variety of different video ads to retarget his “3D audience” with. In short, provide so much proof and so many different ways of becoming a client that it’s almost inevitable.

Overall, it’s a solid webinar. Aleric shares some actionable content and it’s clear he knows his stuff.

But should you hire AdOutreach to help you with YouTube ads? Perhaps. I guess it would depend on whether or not you have a proven offer that you’re able to sell for, let’s say, at least $997. (Ideally more. That way, you have plenty of margin baked in.)

If you do, then yes, at the very least, you could book a call with AdOutreach. Ask questions, talk strategy, determine what it would cost to work with them, and go from there.

If not, I’d pump the brakes. AdOutreach may be able to improve your odds of turning one dollar into two, three or four more; but they’re not a winning scratch ticket.

You have to do your part first. Many marketers forget this. They think it’s all about targeting and ads and funnels and tend to forget about the offer itself or how it’s sold or even the likability of the person behind it.

I also can’t help but think, if Aleric works with all the top course creators, coaches, and consultants, won’t YouTube ads quickly become just as crowded and costly as Facebook ads?

One would think, right? So maybe, before you go, just compare it to what we do.

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