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Airrack Net Worth, Yuge Vision


Eric Decker, more commonly known as @Airrack, went from obscurity to over a million subscribers on YouTube in under a year. And he’s just getting warmed up. The way Airrack sees it, one million subs was just the foundation; now it’s time to get serious.

“I’m telling you right now, in five years there’s gonna be like 10 people who have 50-million-plus subscribers on a personality-based channel, and my goal is to be one of those people,” Airrack explained on an episode of the No Focks Given podcast recently. “I just have an enormous amount of confidence in myself on this [meaning, YouTube’s] platform.”

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To pull that off, Airrack plans on hiring a producer, more employees, and doubling his output this year (his goal is to upload 80+ videos without a drop in quality). Of course, he’ll continue to “traffic jack” bigger YouTubers like Mr. Beast and Logan Paul by making videos about (and with) them.

Pretty ambitious for a guy that, just a few years prior, was doing so bad in high school, he figured the only way he’d be able to get into college was to get really good at a sport; so he started a dive team because his school didn’t have one and he’d always been into doing flips ever since he was a little kid.

The plan worked. Well, almost. Airrack became one of the best high school divers in his state, but botched his very last dive at the championships senior year, which knocked him off the podium and killed his chances of getting a scholarship to a reputable college.

Eric Decker Backflip

After all that, he did get into some no-name college, where he began studying engineering, but knew right away it wasn’t for him. So he and a buddy started a wedding videography business, built that up, and dropped out.

Eventually he transitions to YouTube and, well, here we are. Airrack’s “big risk, big reward” approach to making videos helped him growth hack the living sh*t outta his rookie year of content creation. As far as what’s next? You can expect more of the same.

“It’s wrong to not push myself to have the biggest impact on planet earth as possible. ‘You’re given this gift; don’t waste it.’ Unfulfilled potential’s my biggest fear,” he said. “So scary, dude. Dying with a half a tank left. I wanna go in my grave with, like, a negative-five tank. I wanna have used it all up and tried it all, you know?”

Well said. That attitude has made Airrack a millionaire in record time. We believe his net worth is right around $1.5 million dollars at the time of writing this. For more on the rapidly rising YouTube star, here’s a pretty solid interview he did with Tanner and his bestie (who sat there, awkwardly, and said like two words the entire hour and nineteen minutes!). Enjoy.

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