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Reviewing Ryan Allaire’s Mailbox Secrets


Ryan Allaire claims his direct mail campaigns are beating his digital marketing by 90%! Is it just me or is it ironic that he’s telling me this using a Facebook ad?

I’ll break down his Mailbox Secrets system in a sec., but first, get a load of this guy—the dude with the dreads is gonna show ya how to stack residual income by renting out small, simple websites to local businesses.

Faster and easier than direct mail

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Alright, so I clicked on Ryan’s ad. It takes me to a landing page with a short video where Ryan explains how their “Untapped Mailbox Secrets Formula” quietly pulls in six-figures a month.

The key, Ryan says, is to do L.E.S.S. to get more. In this case, it’s an acronym for:

  • Lead source: they use list brokers to find buyers they can send snail mail to.
  • Envelope structure: making the right tweaks to your envelopes and postcards to make sure they get opened and read.
  • Sales letter: there’s a specific process they use that’s proven to convert.
  • Selling process: how they nurture, sell and upsell their direct mail leads.

The video wraps up and he asks me to enter my name and email for more information about the Mailbox Secrets kit and bonus package. Happy to.

After that, I’m redirected to a sales page. I must say, it’s very well done. There’s an 18-minute video featuring Ryan at the top. Complete with lifestyle marketing:

Mailbox Secrets Kit

Below that, lots of compelling copy, interesting stories, and catchy imagery to pull you in. For example:

Ryan MBS System ReLaunch Miracle

It’s got an old school feel to it, which makes sense, given he’s pitching a direct mail (of all things!) business in a box.

Ryan comes across as likable, passionate, and, based on the stacks and stacks of envelopes and checks lying around his office, he appears to actually do this.

My Mailbox Secrets concerns

However, this mysterious “Mr. B” who he learned all of this from, and the fact that he tiptoes around what they really sell, kinda weirds me out.

Plus, after Ryan raced through everything you’d get in the core MBS system (for $99 plus shipping and handling), he announced the bonus: order now, and get a “license” to use Mailbox Secrets to—wait for it—resell Mailbox Secrets.

So basically, you’re paying to become an affiliate? That’s a little too MLM-y for my taste. And I wonder if that’s where Ryan Allaire and “Mr. B” truly get all their checks from.

And if so, it seemed like there were plenty of upsells that went up in price pretty quickly, so just be aware of that if you do join.

Now. Is direct mail a bad idea? No, not at all. It’s something I think advanced marketers should look into. Ya know, zig when they zag.

‘Cause let’s face it: Facebook and YouTube ads are stupid-competitive. And even if you do get a winning campaign, everyone rips it and uses it against you.

Whereas, with snail mail, it’d be very tough for anyone to figure out what you’re doing, let alone copy you.

On the flip side, I can see finding the right list of people to mail to being an absolute nightmare. You could waste a ton of time and money trying to crack the code.

Which is why, ideally, you would find a mentor who’s in the trenches, still doing direct mail themselves. Someone who can shorten the learning curve for you.

I’m just not convinced that person is Ryan, even though I found myself rooting for him throughout the videos.

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