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Alpha M Net Worth: Aaron Marino’s Money Sitch


Aaron Marino, wearer of accessories, taker of selfies, pointer of fingers, maker of millions.

Aaron Marino, better known as the guy behind Alpha M., has five different income streams. The first of which, and where you probably know him from, is YouTube. For five or six years straight, he religiously uploaded videos without making a penny. Eventually, he applied for YouTube’s Partner Program, and started to make a few bucks off of ad revenue. He calls this a “very, very, very, very, very small portion of his overall income.”

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“I make more money through doing promotional videos,” he explained. “As you guys know—or might not have noticed because they’re so buttery-smooth—I do promotions, right? I promote other products that I believe in and that I love. Like Dollar Shave Club. Skillshare. Audible.”

“I have a ton of sponsors that I absolutely love. And I love doing sponsored and promotional content because I love figuring out and integrating them into educational content that allows me to actually help people,” he added.

And that brings us to the next income stream Aaron has, which is MENfluential Media, an advertising agency he runs alongside two other partners. It was born out of necessity, said Aaron, who was sick and tired of negotiating his brand deals; and just wanted to be left alone to focus on creating content. They now represent roughy 35 of the biggest men’s lifestyle influencers online, taking a percentage of all ad deals they put together.

Aaron Marino Enemy Shades

“Don’t stare at me in my face.”—Alpha M.

Next, Aaron’s got his Pete & Pedro company, which sells men’s hairstyling, grooming, and shaving products. Aaron affectionately calls this biz “his baby.” He famously pitched it on Shark Tank, but left with a lukewarm bowl of nothing. Although, I gotta think the exposure paid dividends.

Let’s see, what else? There’s Tiege Hanley, Aaron’s skincare line he runs with three other guys. They sell cleansers, soaps, scrubs, and moisturizers—because “every guy deserves amazing skin.” Aaron says this company does the most revenue (not profit) out of all of his businesses.

Last but not least, Enemy Eyewear, Aaron’s sunglasses company, which he describes as: “Just ridiculous quality for an incredible price. And I knew that if I made shades that I love, that you guys would dig ’em as well. And apparently I was right.” Aaron says his biggest problem with the company these days is keeping up with demand.

So how wealthy is Aaron Marino? It’s complicated.

Mr. Alpha M. takes the majority of his profits and reinvests into his various businesses each month. He’s also starting to dabble in real estate and angel investing. So what’s his net worth? “Dunno, don’t care,” says Aaron. “It’s more important to other people than it is to me.”

As long as he gets to wake up every day and do what he loves for a living, he’s tickled pink. My take? That’s a politically correct way to address your net worth when you don’t want your 6.23 million followers to focus on how rich you’re getting peddling them products in all of your videos.

Other websites list his net worth at $4 million dollars. My guess would be much higher than that. Probably more like $15 million. But here’s Aaron dancing around the answer himself:

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