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Alt Agency Reviews: Is Greg Hickman Sam Ovens’ Son?

AltAgency Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman will teach you how to adapt and grow your agency without more hours or hiring more staff. This, per his latest Facebook ad. Can you trust him? And why am I bustin’ his balls about calling Sam Ovens “dada?” Read on.

Actually, before I drop my Alt Agency review, what if you said “screw the agency model altogether,” and did this instead?

Cool, so I clicked Greg RN’s ad and signed up to watch his free training. Moments later, he sent the following email to my inbox:


“I don’t have the time”




If you want to serve MORE clients with less energy and headache, consider this your virtual fist bump (or handshake if that’s more your speed).  My name’s Greg.

You just signed up to watch my video about how agencies, freelancers and service providers can Double, Triple, and even Quadruple Your Client Capacity without hiring more people or working more hours (in less than 90 days, usually).

That’s just step 1…

Step 2 is to read this email. It might be the best thing you ever do for your business.

1 – “Greg, who are you and what do you do again?”

I help agency owners grow and scale. More specifically, I can teach you how to automate and systemize your sales, marketing and fulfillment so you can serve more clients with less headache. It’s not enough to only be able to handle a couple of clients at a time and only get paid for your time.

In my 90 day Foundations program, agency owners learn exactly what to do to streamline their sales and fulfillment so that’s its predictable. They go from 1:1 custom projects that often lead to scope creep…to selling scalable services that allow them to support 5,10,15+ clients per month without sacrificing client results or their premium rate.

2 – “How does that work?”

Agency owners in the program focus on 3 core pillars that MOST agency owners overlook:

  • Simplifying who they serve and what they sell (showing up as a specialist).
  • Installing systems where they spend most of their time  — sales and delivery.
  • Expanding their service offering by adding scalable services that are 1:many not just 1:1.

There is a LOT more to it than that — your packaging up your IP, positioning, developing your unique methodology and harnessing technology to give you time back/ It all has to work together.

IF it doesn’t, you’ll be stuck in the feast or famine generalist agency trap for years.

So, it’s crucial to package up your experience and skills allowing you to show up as an EXPERT while the rest of the business can run without you suck in the day to day.

Most agencies can’t…but you can. We’ll show you exactly how.

3 – “What makes you different?”

If you go back to the video you just watched, you’ll find dozens of testimonials from literally hundreds of agency owners who have grown by working with us.

Some have removed themselves from sales and fulfillment all together…some have launched new profitable programs that allow them to serve more clients…some fired problem clients and replaced them with dream clients…all have a much more profitable and predictable business that serves them, not the other way around.

Seriously, go check it out — we’re the most comprehensive system for agency owners who want to transform their business — one step at a time.

And we teach what we actually have done ourselves after building our own 7 figure agency and working in the agency world for over 3+ decades collectively. You’ll learn a proven process to build the systems your business needs to grow – and the coaching and mentorship you need to implement them.

4 – “I think I might be interested… what’s next?”

If you’re interested, you can apply for a 45 minute call with my team to get real world info that applies to YOUR business.

We’ll help identify your biggest bottleneck in your growth and scalability.. Based on how the call goes, we may also invite you into the Foundations program if we can actually help. (Not everyone is a fit, but if you are, we’ll show you how to take the next step).

You can schedule your 45 minute call here.

(I suggest you do it now instead of putting it off for later).

Finally, we email frequently.

That’s part of leadership marketing and — we walk the walk.

If you don’t want to receive these emails, opt out using unsubscribe link below.

– Greg

PS – If you liked the training and would like to interact with me on a more personal level and get some of our higher level training….

…then hop into my free Facebook group specifically for agency owners like yourself looking to make more while working less.

PPS – We also send out the occasional free resources. But I don’t suggest you stick around for those — your computer is probably filled with free resources. Expertise, on the other hand, is irreplaceable. Schedule your call now.

3435 Beeler CT
Denver, CO 80238

And, as promised, I was redirected to a private page with the free training video, followed by some testimonies and the good ol’ “book a discovery call” button.

Greg Hickman Foundations Program

The new way to build a digital marketing agency, Greg says, is to branch out. Instead of only offering done-for-you, sprinkle in training, courses, coaching and consulting programs, and so on.

The New Agency Model

In doing so, you’ll get more clients, make more sales, do less work overall, be able to manage more clients at once, and speed things up with systems and automation.

This is the easiest review ever. I watched the entire video, and there’s really only two things to comment on.

The first is that Greg Hickman is not your typical guru. He comes across as honest, doesn’t do douchey things like use countdown timers, walks the walk with his AltAgency, and I love his passion.

The second—and this is what I meant by the headline—is that he’s one of those dudes who likes to overcomplicate things. (Like I believe Sam Ovens does.) For instance:

AltAgency Cost

His presentation was nonstop diagrams and big words. Yet, I don’t feel like anything he said was all that groundbreaking. Good advice nonetheless. But he just really geeks out over every little thing.

Some people like that. Engineers, for example. Others, like me, prefer more personality, and more important, simplicity. That’s the copywriter in me. “Be clear. Get to the point.” Ya know?

Anyways. Not sure what Greg Hickman’s “Foundations” program costs. My guess is at least $6,000. But that’s what the “discovery call” is for.

Good luck. I’m off to shower ’cause I smell like a farm animal.

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