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James Altucher Net Worth

James Altucher Wealth

James Altucher net worth: James Altucher is an author, blogger, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur with an approximate net worth of $15 million dollars.

Altucher went from HBO IT department to making websites for big names and even bigger brands.  He’d later sell his web design business for $10 million, only to lose it all on a bunch of botched internet investments.

He then pivoted to stocks, writing for Jim Cramer and trading for several large hedge funds.  Years later, Altucher founded a social network site for stock trading and then sold that for $10 million as well.

Altucher has since invested in dozens of startups, written for and appeared on many major media outlets, and authored 17 books.

Today, James Altucher is best known for his personal blog and podcast, which he monetizes with book sales and digital courses.

James’ journey is the epitome of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.  Can you imagine going from an eight-figure net worth, down to zero, then yo-yoing your way back?  I can’t.

Altucher says a simple four item checklist is what finally got him off the roller coaster.  Each day, he’d ask: (1) Did I do something for my physical health?  (2) Did I do something to improve my relationships with people?  (3) Did I do something creative?  (4) Did I practice some sort of gratitude?

And putting a check through those boxes day after day – simple and corny as it sounds – was Altucher’s saving grace.  Once he started this practice, the self-sabotage stopped.  The lows weren’t as low and didn’t last nearly as long.  And Altucher appears to be on an overall upward trend ever since.

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