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Amar Patel Net Worth

Amar Patel Supplements

Amar Patel net worth: Amar Patel is an entrepreneur who helps companies create, manufacture, market, store and ship nutritional supplements… and has a net worth of approximately $8.5 million dollars.  (Also, wears the hell out of a blue suit.)

Patel was born and raised in New Jersey.  At 19, he left his job to pursue business.  This was no easy decision since, being of Indian descent, his family expected him to become a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer.  It’s like… entrepreneurship?  Pfft.  What’s that?  Well, Amar was about to show ’em.

He began by building his own supplement brand.  And, in doing so, saw, firsthand, how skeevy supplement manufacturers would prey on newbies.  Basically, they’d tell you exactly what you wanted to hear.  “We’re affordable; quick turnarounds; awesome quality; order as much or as little as you’d like,” they’d say.  Of course, not knowing any better, you’d bite.

Next thing ya know, you’re payin’ Christian Dior prices for thrift shop supplements.  And it’ll take months (not weeks) to get ’em.  And they’ll probably be contaminated.  And taste like emptiness.  But hey: nobody’ll ever know ’cause you blew your entire budget and now you have nothing left for marketing and advertising.  (Ugh!)

Sadly, this is still par for the course.  Unless you’re fortunate enough to work with Amar, who has now made it his mission to de-f*ck this whole process for his clients (namely, companies who are listed on the Inc. 500 and Forbes, with budgets of a half-million and up).  The result?  Great supplements.  Happy customers.  And better margins and extra revenue for Amar’s clients.

For more on Amar Patel, follow him on Instagram.

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