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Real Ecom Amazon Automation Reviews

Real Ecom Raph Dylan

“If you have more than $30,000 in the bank and you have not heard about Amazon automation, I guarantee you… you are losing money,” says Raphael Vargas—looking like he’s about to sell me a used Cadillac with an altered VIN number—in his latest YouTube ad.

“A lot of people are investing in so many different revenue streams like the stock market, real estate… getting between five and seven percent [returns],” he continues.

“And the only reason they haven’t invested in Amazon automation is because they haven’t heard about it.”

Well, Raphael, along with his much more normal-looking business partner, Dylan Baker, want to change that. They want to build you an automated, done-for-you Amazon store.

Whereby, you don’t have to lift a finger; and yet, you’ll get “massive, massive results.”

The money will go into your bank account, and you’ll simply pay Raphael and Dylan their cut at the end of every month. (That, in addition to whatever their massive setup fee is, of course.)

Can you trust these guys? You’re about to find out. Read on for my Real Ecom review. But first, here’s a business you can build without the dangers and difficulties of ecommerce.

Low-risk Amazon alternative

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Cool, so after clicking on Raph and Dylan’s ad, I’m taken to a page that asks me to register to receive a free case study. Apparently, they’re gonna reveal exactly how they make six to seven figures, on autopilot, through Amazon.

I’m skeptical, but I’ll hear ’em out

Amazon Case Study

After entering my name and email, I saw the following message pop up in my inbox:


The Amazon Automated Method Case Study Video


Real Ecom


Hey Cory!

Thank you for taking the time to request your FREE case study video that explains everything from A-to-Z on how the Amazon Automated Method will make you passive income.

Here’s the link: The Amazon Automated Method Case Study

Look, I understand you may be thinking, why can’t I just do it myself? You can of course!

There’s a lot of great courses out there that you can purchase and learn it yourself. BUT most people don’t have the time to learn, test, fail, then start to finally see net income from their efforts.

So here is where we step in and let our team do all the work for you by leveraging our expertise in this industry of making 6-7 figures per month while you not having to lift one finger.

Ready to take MASSIVE action and stop relying on your active income and get on the passive income path?

Click on this link: The Amazon Automated Method Case Study

See you soon!


Real Ecom
4023 N Armenia Ave
Tampa , FL, United States

Either link in the email takes me to the case study I was promised. Here goes nothing.

Raphael Vargas and Dylan Baker talk Amazon automation

RealEcomAutomation.com Video

I hit play and Raphael shows off a spreadsheet listing net profits of about $30,000 to $50,000 per month, on average, for their store.

Dylan says they do this via Amazon dropshipping; and because Amazon only allows one store per person, that’s why they’re willing to partner with you.

Hmm. That makes some sense, but I guess, why not just add more products to their one store and focus on scaling it bigger and bigger? That, we’ll never know.

But basically, their team’s gonna build you your own store on Amazon Seller Central; use their secret software to find hot products; post those hot products to your store at a marked up price; then, when someone buys, they’ll purchase the product from a cheaper supplier; ship it out; and you’ll pocket the margin.

Two things to note there. One, Amazon doesn’t pay you right away, so you’ll need serious startup capital (or lots of credit—to the tune of $50k or so) to pay for these items initially, till the Amazon checks start flowing. Two, you profiting means you have to gouge consumers. Which feels a little icky to me.

Onward. Raphael says you won’t have to worry about ad spend, either, because of Amazon’s built-in traffic.

If you ask me, that’s unrealistic. Your store will be brand new. You’ll have no reviews. No momentum. You’re telling me, you’re just magically gonna rank at the top of Amazon and out-sell more established competitors with thousands of 4.5 star reviews? Doubtful. Or do they use fake reviews to get the ball rolling? And if so, are you okay with that?

Now what about customer complaints, returns, and other inevitable issues? They handle that as well, which is nice. But do you really think they’re gonna care about your customers as much as you would? Or are they just gonna ignore those inquiries and hope for the best?

How fast can you make money? It’ll take at least 90 days, if not more. And you know what? I applaud them for being honest. “This is not get rich quick,” Raphael warns several times throughout the video.

How much does Real Ecom Automation cost? You’d have to book a call to know for sure, but, from the sounds of it, right around $25,000. Then you’d need no less than $30k to $50k in credit, to cover the float.

Ongoing, whatever your store nets, Real Ecom Automation takes 25% of, while you keep the other 75%.

There’s an 18-month money-back guarantee, supposedly, where they’d refund you the difference of what you invested minus what your store netted before you asked for the refund.

Would they fight you on that though? And are you comfortable shelling out tens of thousands of dollars and waiting patiently for a good 3-4 months just to see if it works?

These are all questions you need to consider. Personally, I’d have no interest in this. You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true…

Plus, I’d never hand over 25% of a scalable business. Even if it did make my life easier. I’d rather pay people a flat fee (that’s much less than 25% of net) to manage it for me.

And, I dunno, I get that passive income is the goal, but just feeling like a helpless passenger in my own business? Doesn’t sound like the smartest play.

Like, what if they did something shady? Illegal? Would I be on the hook for that, as their partner? Probably.

So yeah. It’s a hard-no for me.

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