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Amer Kamra Net Worth


Amer Kamra looking like a gosh darn Burberry ad.

Amer Kamra is a former professional fitness and cover model turned serial entrepreneur. His date of birth is July 8, 1988. He was born, raised, and still resides in Toronto, Canada.

At a young age, Amer began taking Taekwondo classes. He would later earn his black belt. To become a better athlete, he started lifting weights at around age 15. In high school, Amer was on the football team. At 19, he began competing as a fitness model. He is a 12-time cover model. He earned the nickname “Amer The Hammer” due to his no-nonsense, relentless approach to fitness.

In 2008, Amer got a degree in Architectural Engineering. Even though he never pursued a career in this field, his understanding of physics helped lay the foundation for his approach to training.

In 2010, Amer launched a small scale fitness coaching program. He knew, immediately, he had found his purpose in life. That led to Hammer Fitness, which, today, is one of the largest health and wellness companies in all of Canada. People who know him best say Amer has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. As such, he’s able to create cutting-edge, evidence-backed programs that deliver predictable, sustainable results for his clients.

Amer Posing

Mr. Steal Yo Girl would be fitting, too. But @AmerTheHammer has a nice ring to it.

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Amer has founded a number of other fitness brands since then. Elite Coaching System is a video membership website with exclusive content released weekly. Hammer Fitness Store sells hoodies, hats, sweats, shorts, tanks, Ts, masks, and more. Man The F Up is an online coaching community for men who want their dream physique plus the confidence and mindset to match. Lady The F Up is the same thing, only for females. The Mind Builder is a weekly podcast that covers topics on personal growth and self-development.

Amer has a book coming out in 2021 called Unmasked. It will talk about the danger of entitlement thinking and diminishing societal hierarchies. “When there is no consequence for poor effort and no reward for good effort, there is no motivation or incentive to do anything,” Amer explains.

“This is why capitalism works. Humans need to have the ability to grow and be competitive. Just as much as we have the possibility of success and growth, we need to have an equal amount of possibility for failure. When you do good, you should be rewarded. When you do wrong, you should be punished.”


If ambition has an off day, it calls Amer for advice.

How much money is Amer Kamra worth?

Amer Kamra is building a fitness empire to accompany his good looks, chiseled bod, and impressive achievements in this space. All told, his approximate net worth is $4 million dollars, and on the rise.

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