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Kevin David’s AMZ Automation Reviews Are Super Sketch


Kevin David and David Arnett really wanna sell you a turnkey, done-for-you Amazon business. They have lots of positive reviews, but can you trust ’em? Should you invest? Read on.

Before I review AMZ Automation, though, you might wanna watch this. It’s a case study my mentor and one of his 6,573 students filmed that’ll show you an ecommerce alternative you might like even better.

FBA versus VTB

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Alright, so the story goes: Kevin David crushes it on Amazon, begins building stores for his friends and family, joins forces with the world’s most successful Amazon sellers, and now they’d like to sell you your own hands-free store for about $20,000.

I’m shocked people are buying this. If you think about it, you’re paying a premium to setup a business you don’t control on a platform you don’t own, and the only ones getting rich on this deal are Kevin David and David Arnett.

Meanwhile, all the risk falls on you. If this thing doesn’t work out, what do you walk away with? You’ve got no assets, no new skills you can apply to future businesses (because you outsourced everything), and no money because you gave it all to KD—who immediately went and spent it on his next leased Lambo.

But maybe I’m wrong. After all, their pitch page is loaded with testimonials, right? So let’s take a look at some of ’em.

AMZ Automation reviews: old, irrelevant, vague

Ninja Con Kevin David

The sales video I watched was a collection of “reviews” filmed in 2017 and 2018 from a seminar Kevin hosted called Ninja Con. Right away I’m like, “Okay, what does this have to do with your current offer?”

Plus, let’s be honest. When you have a live event and a step and repeat backdrop with a video camera pointed at it and you guilt attendees into saying something nice after they’ve been guzzling your Kool-Aid all day? I mean, yeah, of course you’re gonna get some kind words. So what?

The other thing I noticed, in looking through their mess of screenshots, is how many different programs and levels they have. Amazon Ninja Lifestyle. Zon Ninja. Blackbelts. And so on.

You wonder if Kevin David just wakes up in the morning and goes, “Let’s see, how can I take even more money from these idiots? Ooh, I know! I’ll pull another level outta my ass! Call it: Platinum Elite! Charge even more! I’ll throw in a live stream of me sleeping three nights a week so they can see, firsthand, how millionaires do deep sleep! I’m a Geneius!”

What else? He’s got a “featured in” section. Ya know, the usual: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, etc. Which is code for: I planted paid interviews and press releases onto high authority sites hoping you were too dumb to know that that’s actually a thing gurus do.

And don’t even get me started on Kevin David’s Trustpilot reviews.

Did he buy these? Are they fake? What’s going on?

Kevin David Trustpilot

Weird, they’re all from people who’ve only left one review on Trustpilot and none of them mention AMZ Automation at all, let alone specific results they’ve gotten from using his white glove FBA service.

“Kevin is on point providing us information that we need to know,” writes Erwin, who left him a five-star review.

Another perfect rating came from Scott, who so eloquently said, “Kevin is dedicated to helping other[s] succeed.”

Then there’s Samantha: “I think that Kevin has changed many people’s lives for the better and much more.”

Wait, it gets better: “Seriously when I first saw this I was concerned about the look. I want to try it out, I love Kevin tutorial. Best offer,” Brian says.

Gee. Where do I wire the $20k, Kev? My God. This is the most dishonest sh*t I’ve seen in a while. Kevin’s slicker ‘n’ a boiled onion.

Based on what I’ve seen here, I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy invest in AMZ Automation.

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