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Anik Singal Net Worth

Anik Singal Courses

Anik Singal net worth: Anik Singal is an online entrepreneur with a net worth of approximately $23 million dollars.

He’s the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc. and VSS Mind and has contributed to more than $100 million in internet publishing income.  He’s been given props by Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc. 500, Hinman CEOs, and many of the top online marketers.

Singal, through a variety of digital courses, coaching programs, live events, and public speaking, teaches product launches, article marketing, sales funnels, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and business management consulting.  He’s served more than 250,000 students around the globe.

Anik Singal is expected to gross $20 million this year alone.

It’s nice to see that he’s giving some of that back through his nonprofit organization, For All Our Good, which builds schools for children living in the slums.

Anik Singal net worth lessons

So what can we learn from Mr. Lurn?  Here are my top three takeaways from Singal’s success.

1) Follow your heart.  Yeah, super cheesy, but it’s true.  Anik was pre-med at a prestigious school, destined to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a high-paid doctor, but there was one teeny-tiny problem: he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  So he gambled, dropped out, and dove head-first into business.  Imagine the backlash!  The fear.  The doubt.  (Took some balls.)

2) Rinse and repeat.  After serious struggle early-on, Singal eventually broke through and fought his way to an impressive $10 million digital business.  But he got cocky, went away from the very systems that got him there, and business spiraled out of control.  His health followed.  Soon, he found himself in a hospital, millions of dollars in debt, forced to start over.  So what’d he do?  He went back to the basics, repeating the same steps that fueled his early wins.  Sixteen months later, he was back to $10 million in annual sales.  (If it ain’t broke…)

3) Create.  It’s easy to get online and go full-fledged consumer.  You’re peppered with shiny sh*t and Guru Gary’s going live on Facebook in a few minutes and Tai Lopez just uploaded a new YouTube video and home girl’s course about making courses is half-off, but only if you act now.  Times like a million.  Feel me?  If you’re not careful, you end up “working” 11 hours and doing nothing.  And while it’s important to study the best (like Anik Singal), sooner or later, you have to stop consuming and start producing.  And if you watch Anik, the guy is a mega producer.  I swear I see him running a new ad on Facebook every day, promoting his latest thing.  (You can’t make money if you don’t make offers.)

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