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Chance Anthony Modern Millionaires Reveals Success Secret

Chance Anthony Intermittent Fasting

The two Modern Millionaires, Chance Anthony and Abdul Samad, teamed up recently for a short video where Chance leaked his little-known success secret. Before I say what it was, here’s an entertaining case study featuring the dude who taught both Abdul and Chance, along with one of his nearly 6,000+ students:

Onward. So Chance’s tip was—wait for it—intermittent fasting. “I do it about five days a week where I’ll stop eating at around 7:30, 8:00 pm at night and I won’t eat again until 1:00 or 2:00 pm the next day,” he said. “Now I’m not starving myself. I’ll do liquids throughout the morning. So I’ll have a cup of bone broth for some good minerals, protein; and I’ll also create my tea where I put collagen, good fats, uh, raw butter… or, ghee… maybe [a supplement called] Brain Octane.”

But what he notices is, by cutting out all other food, during that precious morning-to-early-afternoon work time, he’s incredibly productive. Much more so than if he was filling up on a big breakfast and carb-loaded lunch.

So, with a clear mind and ample energy, Chance says he’ll knock out his thousand-dollar-an-hour activities, effectively making those fasting days his b*tch.

From there, when he does eat, Chance focuses on only eating foods that are easy-to-digest and unlikely to cause inflammation.

When paired with a 12-to-16-hour fast most days of the week, Chance says you can expect to see a noticeable uptick in your focus, energy, and of course, productivity.

Boom. Millionaire Middleman aka Officeless Agency owner, out.

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