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TheArborAcademy Reviews Costing Chad Kimball Sales?

TheArborAcademy.net YouTube Ad

The Arbor Academy.net by Chad Kimball has probably popped up on a YouTube video (or 30) that you were tryin’ to watch. Maybe it’s the one you see in the screenshot above, where he talks about how his 15 year old daughter is making bank with his Google Maps system. Or maybe it’s a different ad. Either way, if interested, perhaps you went to Google and searched for “Arbor Academy reviews” or something similar. (Heck, maybe that’s how you got here.)

Now. Chad Kimball, being the savvy internet marketing veteran he is, knows that even one negative review of TheArborAcademy.net could cost him dearly, right?

So what does the wily son-of-a-gun do? He goes and gets out ahead of the critics—by running a Google AdWords ad for relevant phrases.

That way, when someone does their due diligence, and searches Google for terms like “thearboracademy reviews,” “arbor academy reddit,” “the arboracademy scam,” or even “thearboracademy cost,” the first thing they see is this:

Chad K Reddit Review

And since that’s exactly what you’re looking for, it’s hard not to click. And when you do, Chad’s right there waiting for you:

Arbor Academy Coaching Program Reviews

Then you press play on his video and he walks you through the positive reviews he wants you to see, with the backstory about those reviews that he wants you to hear. Boom, now Chad controls the narrative. And if all goes well, after you finish the video, he’ll turn you into a lead for his Maps course:

Google Maps Chaddo Book Call

And just like that, you’re taken from skeptic to prospect. Well-played, Chaddo, well-played. Thanks to that little “safety net,” he’s catching high-ticket sales he otherwise might’ve lost to haters, competitors, or anyone who took his course and wrote negatively about it online.

I see more and more “experts” doing this, and although some may not like it, you can’t blame ’em for wanting to protect their reputation, can you? For an Arbor Academy alternative, see below.

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