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I’ve written thousands of articles on all things millionaire.  You should read every one of ’em.  To help, I’ve organized urrthing by category:

Actually?  If I were you?

I’d open Millyuns on your phone and leave it up.  Refresh it throughout the day.  It’s like an IV drip, shooting money-making magic through your veins.  (For best results, leave the needle in.)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Quotes from millionaires, so you can understand how they think and identify recurring themes.
  • Net worths of millionaires, to show you what’s possible.
  • Beer-battered lessons I’ve learned in the last 12+ years of doing business online.
  • High-achiever routines worth testing yourself.
  • The seven-figure skills that have made, and continue to make me, a metric f*ck-ton of money.
  • Book summaries, so you can extract the killer without the filler.
  • Reactions to ads, courses, coaching, etc. – cuz, who knows, maybe my two pennies could save you some time and/or money.
  • Cash quickies: simple things you can do, today, to up your income.
  • Short, usually viral videos… to offer perspective, get you to smile, and basically, just put you in a good, creative mood.
  • The occasional rant because, well, sometimes I just gotta vent.  (Lucky you.)
  • Music, memes, jokes, clever examples of marketing and advertising… anything that I think can help you laugh and learn at the same time.

So that, hopefully, you can become a millionaire – like me – while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

And by “enjoy it,” of course, I mean:

Buy a house that’s too big, a car that’s too fast, and bling you won’t wear.  Which’ll attract newer, faker friends.  And then you’ll need to make millions more to keep up with them.  Because: f*ck the Joneses, amiright?

And the cycle repeats itself.  Until, ultimately, you end up miserable.  But rich AF.

You’re welcome.