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The tagline for Millyuns?  Three words: millionaire sh*t only.  As such, I’ve written thousands of articles on all things millionaire.  You should read every one of ’em.  To help, I’ve organized urrthing by category:

Actually?  If I were you?

I’d open Millyuns on your phone and leave it up.  Refresh it throughout the day.  It’s like an IV drip, shooting money-making magic through your veins.  (For best results, leave the needle in.)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Quotes from millionaires, so you can understand how they think and identify recurring themes.
  • Net worths of millionaires, to show you what’s possible.
  • Beer-battered lessons I’ve learned in the last 12+ years of doing business online.
  • High-achiever routines worth testing yourself.
  • The seven-figure skills that have made, and continue to make me, a metric f*ck-ton of money.
  • Book summaries, so you can extract the killer without the filler.
  • Reactions to ads, courses, coaching, etc. – cuz, who knows, maybe my two pennies could save you some time and/or money.
  • Cash quickies: simple things you can do, today, to up your income.
  • Short, usually viral videos… to offer perspective, get you to smile, and basically, just put you in a good, creative mood.
  • The occasional rant because, well, sometimes I just gotta vent.  (Lucky you.)
  • Music, memes, jokes, clever examples of marketing and advertising… anything that I think can help you laugh and learn at the same time.

So that, hopefully, you can become a millionaire – like me – while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

And by “enjoy it,” of course, I mean:

Buy a house that’s too big, a car that’s too fast, and bling you won’t wear.  Which’ll attract newer, faker friends.  And then you’ll need to make millions more to keep up with them.  Because: f*ck the Joneses, amiright?

And the cycle repeats itself.  Until, ultimately, you end up miserable.  But rich AF.

You’re welcome.

Now.  If you have absolutely no clue what type of business to build and you can’t dunk, act, or sing… this right here is probably your best shot at becoming an internet millionaire.