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Nate Armstrong Social Media Blueprint Reviews

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Nate Armstrong, the self-proclaimed “$30 Million Dollar Man,” just hit me on Facebook with this ad for his Social Media Blueprint for real estate investors and wholesalers. Before I review his offer, quick question: ever thought about getting into virtual real estate? If so, check this out:

Okay, so who’s Nate Armstrong? Well, like I said, he calls himself the “$30 Million Dollar Man,” although he never really says why. Is his net worth $30 million? Has he made $30 million so far in real estate (which, after taxes, toys, and basic living expenses would make him worth much less)? Or is he just 30 times cooler than Ted DiBiase? Who knows. But it’s bold. And, assuming it’s true, I kinda dig it.

Nate Armstrong 30 Million Dollar Man

Nate Armstrong shooting his shot with his lady friend, I’m guessing on a yacht.

But he claims he’s successfully coached hundreds of real estate investors and wholesalers—no different than you—and helped ’em to become financially-free by way of his “wildly successful Real Estate Investing coaching program.” (His words, not mine.)

That’s not all. Nate’s system is so unstoppable, he says, as long as you take action on what he teaches, he’s got a perfect 100% success rate. Therefore, the life of your dreams begins by watching his free video training.

Cutting Edge Social Media Blueprint

Nate Armstrong’s optin page at SocialMediaBlueprint.com.

Gotta say, my man knows how to market. His squeeze page asking for your email is nicely done. I would think anyone interested or active in real estate investing would cough up their email to hear what he’s got to say. But if you’re on the fence, I’ll be the guinea pig and do it for ya.

SocialMediaBlueprint Video Training

Nate Armstrong’s landing page at SocialMediaBlueprint.com.

As you can see, I was taken to the free video, just like Nate promised, where the headline reads: “Use the ‘Hi5 Social Media Strategy’ To Locate Off-Market Real Estate Deals On Autopilot. (Rig the Game In Your Favor).” Now let me cruise through this video quick and see what it’s all about.

Actually, lemme just jot down the highlights as I watch it:

  • He answered my question: from 2016 to 2018, he and his team did $36 million in total deals (but still not sure what his cut was).
  • Proceeds to humble brag: his company made the Inc. 500, his students are crushing it, he did some of the live event trainings for various HGTV stars, yadda yadda yadda.
  • Wants to make it clear: the numbers he’s showing are from walking the walk, not selling coaching (respect).
  • Started out doing fix ‘n’ flips part-time and slowly transitioned to full-time; still, didn’t have the time freedom he desired.
  • Discovered wholesaling, which was like adding gasoline to his fire.
  • Then Nate was asked to do a development deal in Chicago, which went south, leaving him buried in $6 million dollars in personal debt.
  • It almost killed him, but he clawed his way back, by way of wholesaling, only, it required a new strategy because it had gotten so competitive during the time he was struggling with the whole development drama.
  • Found someone who was successfully doing deals left and right using Facebook and Instagram ads, begged him for help, mystery man agrees, but for a big fat fee.
  • Three weeks later, Nate had spent less than two grand and had five seller signed contracts. Really good deals too.
  • Rinses, repeats, tests, tweaks, improves. Rest is history.
  • Today, Nate Armstrong, via his Social Media Blueprint, averages one to five deals of his own each and every week.
  • The rest of the video slowly builds to a pitch for his coaching program, which I’m guessing costs upwards of $6,000 to $10,000. Plus, you’d need a grand or two for software once you’re in; plus, no less than $10 per day to drop on Facebook ads, which is a cost that’s always rising due to all the extra real estate pros learning this skill and coming into the space to run the same style of ads.

My gut tells me Nate Armstrong is legit and so is his Social Media Blueprint. However, I think Facebook and Insta ads are played-out. I’d rather do what I did here, and focus on free traffic from Google. How come?

It brings me better buyers. I keep every penny I make. I do the work once, hit publish, and reap the rewards for years to come. And when you do it at the local level, there’s almost no competition, with more than a million niches you can duplicate the process in. Don’t believe me? Read this…

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