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Rent Digital Assets Review (I’m Disappointed In Joshua)

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“Don’t throw in the towel before watching this,” Joshua T. Osborne starts out in hist latest YouTube ad for Rent Digital Assets. Apparently, this business model 12x’d his income.

And it can do the same for you: “There is no easier way to make money online than the system that I created from running an actual business,” he says.

Only one small problem. I think Joshua went full Billy Mays mode and forgot that he didn’t actually create this process. In fact, he was in the same coaching program I was, and both of us learned it from this guy:

Do I think he should’ve given credit where credit was due? Probably. But then again, there’s no law that says you can’t repackage what someone else taught you and then go and sell it yourself.

More annoying than that is his lack of creativity. His entire pitch was basically a summary of this page I wrote—on behalf of my mentor—years ago. You’ll notice so many similarities, from the rental lingo to the picture of an apartment building, even the mentions of Angie’s List, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, and so on.

Not the most ethical thing I’ve ever seen. But also, not that uncommon as far as the internet marketing scene goes. Ask Alex Martino, that friggin’ fraud.

Still. My thing is? You’re better than this, Joshua Osborne. Don’t take shortcuts. Do the work. Come up with your own creative angles. Yes, it’ll take months and months like it did for me. But I’m proud of the man I see in the mirror. He’s an original.

And I bet, if you can ever say the same, you’ll enjoy the money you’re making that much more.

Cory Johnson: CEO of a business he has yet to launch. As seen on your mom’s phone. Scaled to 7-figures in seven seconds selling a course on selling courses. Kidding. Watch this.