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Ed Mylett On “The Most Powerful Force” In Your Life

Damn.  Mr. Mylett soundin’ like soft-serve strawberry ice cream.

Here’s what I wrote down:

“Environment [not just the place you’re in, but also the people who are around you] overrides almost everything in our lives.”

“The most powerful force is to be consistent and congruent with the expectations of our peer group.  You’re gonna get outta life what the people around you expect of you.”

“Proximity is power.  The closer somebody is to you, the more influence they have over you.”

“Most people love us.  But the deeper question is: do they truly believe in me?”

“What you have to do is add people, in your proximity, who do believe in you.”

“Your environmental game is even more important than your mental game because it’s what supports it.”

“I wanna be around people who are constantly talking about either the present, but most importantly, the future.”

“You need to add people to your proximity who are discussing the future with you [otherwise they’re just reinforcing the old version of you].”

“We get our standards in life.  We don’t always get our goals, we don’t always even get what we focus on.  We end up ultimately getting what our standards are.  Standards dictate everything in life.  And the people around us help create that standard.”

“The other thing we win with is energy.  So ask yourself this: is this person in my life an energy-giver or an energy-drainer?  This is massive.”

“For people not supporting your life: one, be kind; two, be cordial; but three, be concise.”

“With the same people, you are likely to build the same types of memories [so if the memories you’ve made thus far ain’t all that great, hey, you know what you need to do].”

“Do an audit on your environment.  I want you to audit the people around you in your environment, and the things around you in your environment.  [Remember though], the most important thing are the people.”

“[To add good people to your life], go to where they hang out and use the ‘law of reciprocity.’  Offer them your kindness, your support, your love.  Maybe it is your collaborations.  Maybe it is your connections.  Maybe it is a talent or skill you have.”

“How do you show up in people’s lives?  Are you an energy-drainer or giver?  Are you a future frame of reference or the past?  Do you help your friends set high standards or the acceptable standards they already have?  Are you someone who deeply believes in people, and they know it… or do you just kinda accept them how they already are?  [These things] will have an awful lot to do with who shows up in your life.”


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