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Automaters CEO James Dhillon Talks A Big Game

James Dhillon CEO Automaters

Who dis? Oh that’s James Dhillon. He’s the head honcho of a company called Automaters—an automated marketing agency that “builds minimalist marketing systems that make you lots of money.” (His words, not mine.)

I first heard of James after I saw this Facebook ad in my Facebook sidebar:

Automaters Facebook Ad Review

Which had the following targeting:

Automaters Ad Targeting

Notice how he layered broad internet marketing interests with people in the top 10% of household income? Smart move since, as you can imagine, anything that’s truly done-for-you and worth a damn, ain’t gonna be cheap.

Then you click-through to a simple squeeze page that looks like this:

Automated Digital Agency James DhillonWhere, as you can see, some of his existing clients have apparently made over $50k per month with. Which may very well be true. The guy’s a great marketer. But there was one thing that had me all…

Excuse Me Cardi Face Like, “‘Scuse me?”

And that’s the line under the submit button: “Featured in Forbes, TED, Today Show and more.”

Now, I did find a Forbes article that had a couple of quotes from James Dhillon. So that checks out. (Although, I’m always skeptical: did he pay for that mention, like a lot of gurus do?)

Either way, what bothers me the most is, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find a TED Talk by this guy. Same goes for the Today Show.

Both of which would be major credibility-boosters, right? But if they really happened, why can’t I find ’em?

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