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What’s Up With The Automatic Agency By Blake Snodgrass?

Blake Snodgrass Review

Blake Snodgrass has been all over Facebook and YouTube, promoting his Automatic Agency program. I finally clicked on one of his ads (the one where he talks about going from “ministry to media”) and sat through his pitch. Here’s what you need to know.

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1. Blake Snodgrass runs his own marketing agency called Anchor Media Solutions. Roughly three years in, he says he does about $20,000 to $30,000 per month through this agency, and it only takes him a few hours a week to manage everything. Hence, Automatic Agency.

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2. Basically, Blake runs paid ads for local businesses, gets ’em more customers, and collects a monthly fee to do so. He transitioned to this line of work after being a church musician, which was rewarding but didn’t pay very much nor offer any freedom.

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3. The funnel he uses and teaches inside his course is your standard Facebook-ad-to-squeeze-page, where leads are automatically forwarded onto whichever small businesses you’re working with. The idea being, these biz owners will then pay you monthly to keep ’em coming.

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4. Snodgrass says he prefers a hybrid pricing model, where you charge each business owner a flat fee (say $1,500 per month) plus ad spend. And when you do that, he claims you’ll see profit margins of 80% or higher. And he’s right. However, in my experience, most brick and mortars aren’t too excited about paying for both—the entire Facebook ad spend plus a sizable monthly retainer. And if you can’t get ’em to agree to that, it’ll be tough to turn a profit. Why? Because so many people are teaching this now, which means more and more marketers are jumping into this space—and the more competitive it gets, the more you’re gonna pay Facebook for the privilege of bothering their users, amiright?

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5. Oh, and how do you get clients? According to Blake, inside his Automatic Agency training, he’ll show you how to snag ’em a variety of ways: via Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, organic, referral networks, agency partnerships, cold emails, and more.

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6. Let’s see, what else? I tried digging up Automatic Agency Reddit reviews, but nobody seemed to know anything. As for cost, sources say Automatic Agency comes with a $6k enrollment fee, plus there’s software and tools you’ll need once you get in.

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