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LOL: Amazon Automation By Kevin David

Kevin David Skateboard Advertisement

“If you have more than $10,000 in the bank and you don’t know this, I guarantee you that you are missing out on a fortune,” says Kevin David, in yet another one of his YouTube ads.

Real estate and the stock market are earning a terrible 5% to 7% annual return. And the people who are putting money into those traditional investments are doing so for one reason,” he continues, “because they don’t know a better way to get a better return on their money.”

“But there’s something so much better than those traditional investments and it’s called Amazon Automation.”

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“And some of our students inside our Amazon Automation program are sometimes earning 50% to 80% ROI on their money. Which is more than 10 times better than traditional investments.”

And for 10 Gs (plus a percentage of future profits), Kevin claims he and his business partner will build you your own Amazon empire.

Sounds scammy, huh? Like, why wouldn’t they just focus on their own stores if it works so well, right? Well, fear not, says Kevin. They simply wanna pool other people’s money to grow even faster.

Oh, and he’s been “featured in” Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur, so you can totally trust him, he adds, flashing screenshots of said articles he almost surely paid for.

Kevin David uses every trick in the book

Kevin David Lizard

Did he mention spots were limited? Because they definitely are. LOL.

“If you wanna be the next partner that we actually partner with and build an Amazon and e-commerce empire on your behalf, what you need to do right now is click the link you see somewhere around this video, sign up on the next page, enter your email, and watch a completely free 20 minute case study where we actually break this down in so much more detail than I can obviously do in this advertisement.”

“And the truth is, this is probably the last time you’re ever gonna see this ad,” he lies. (Meanwhile, I’m over here trying not to grind my molars into stumps at the audacity of this d-bag.)

“And so if you want things you’ve never had, you have to try things you’ve never done. So click the link you see right now. What’s the worst that could happen? You learn more about ecommerce, which is the number one trending industry of the last decade?”

“But who knows, maybe six months from now, 12 months from now, you look back and watching this ad and clicking this link was the most important thing that you did and you become one of our next biggest student success stories,” he closes with.

Can you trust Kevin David?

Kevin David Jet Ski

I dunno. Like, is it just me or does Kevin David seem crooked as a dog’s hind leg? In my opinion, the story still doesn’t add up. If someone’s willing to build a business for you, clearly there’s more money (and less risk) in selling you the system than there is in doing it yourself. Period.

Then there’s the reviews—they’re super sketch. You can’t tell me any of these are real. And even if they were, they’re certainly not helpful. “Kevin’s a good guy. He cares. Give him all your money.” SMH.

Also, there’s the little white lies I can’t stand. “We’re just so awesome Forbes had to write about us.” Riiight. Sure they did. And, “You’ll never see this ad again,” even though I’ve seen nothing but Kevin David ads promoting this offer, all day every day, for the last month.

I could go on and on. But it’s a hard-no for me. I think I’d rather spend the $10k on hookers and blow. At least then I’d have a helluva story to go along with the five figure loss.

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