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How To Keep A Million Dollar Pace

Millionaire Pace Averages

Yesterday we talked about not being bipolar in business.  I said it was just as dangerous to be overly excited and ambitious as it was to be down-and-out and do nothing work-wise.

The former is a pace you can’t keep; the latter is a formula for mediocrity.

The attitude and output most conducive to making millions, I’ve found, is to “set the cruise” at about a six or seven out of ten.

And find that mostly positive, mostly productive pace you can actually maintain over the long haul.

But here’s what I didn’t tell you: that’s still an average.

There’ll still be days where you’re a two or three.  Where you’re just not feeling it.  And everything’s going wrong.  And you have no energy.  And you can’t get yourself to do what needs done.

Expect those days.  And when they come, don’t wrestle with ’em.  Let ’em pass.  And don’t feel guilty or weak for doing so.

Every 24 hours is a reset button.  No matter how badly things go today, you can turn it around tomorrow.  And you will.  It’ll prob’ly be an eight or so.  And so will the next day.  And before you know it, your average is back to a solid six.

Ya know?

It’s not that millionaires are machines and never have off days; it’s that they have fewer of them, and simply rebound quicker.

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