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Being The Bad Guy Pays (Ask Colby Covington)

Colby Press Conference

Colby “Chaos” Covington fights Kamaru Usman tonight for the UFC welterweight title.  He’ll make a guaranteed half-million, even if he loses.  Not bad.  And, if he wins, chances are, that’ll jump up significantly for his next fight.  (Most likely, a grudge match with former friend and fellow American Top Team training partner, Jorge Masvidal.)

Sprinkle in sponsorships, appearances, and whatever he gets paid to push products on social media, and he’s easily a multi-millionaire.  And still in his early 30s.  (Oh, and now the WWE is hitting him up.  Which could be bigly.)

Yet, just a few fights ago, he was making only a small fraction of what he is now.  Worse, despite his winning streak, the UFC was planning on letting him go.  They said he was boring.  The cage-fighting equivalent of quinoa.

So what changed?  He became the bad guy.  He stopped worrying about what his boss (Dana White) and fight fans and MMA media would think – if he spoke his mind – and he simply started speaking it.  Not in a fake way.  Just unfiltered.  AF!

As he described it: “It’s not an act.  I’m still me.  I just turned it up to an 11 outta 10.”  (And damn, did he.)

For example:

He fought in Brazil, and called the country “a dump.”  And said their people were “filthy animals.”  (Death threats ensued.)

He began referring to unsupportive fans as “nerds” and “virgins.”

He verbally ground-and-pounded other popular fighters.

And, of course, Covington now constantly broadcasts his strong support for President Trump.

(And I could go on and on.)

But what’s my point here?

Go offend people?  Be political, even if it has nothing to do with your business?  Troll your ass off on Instagram?

Maybe.  That’s up to you.  (How far you wanna take it.)

Alls I’m sayin’ is, if you wanna make more money?  Don’t forget to make some enemies along the way.

Update: Colby lost a back-and-forth war, getting finished in the fifth.  Even suffered a broken jaw.  And he’ll probably still out-earn Usman going forward.  Let that sink in.  You don’t have to be the best to get paid like it.  Case in point: Conor McGregor.

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