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Craig Ballantyne Net Worth

Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day

Craig Ballantyne net worth: personal trainer, info marketer, author, and now coach to 7-figure entrepreneurs, Craig Ballantyne has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Just a good ol’ Canadian boy, Ballantyne grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Toronto.  He loved sports.  Especially hockey and soccer.  At 16, he started bodybuilding.  His fitness fascination led to a degree in Kinesiology, where he discovered interval training.  This matters.

After University, Ballantyne began training clients both for fat loss and sports performance.  Around this time, the internet was taking off – faster than green grass through a goose.  So he reached out to the editor of Men’s Health and got a green light to write for them.  Credible Craig didn’t stop there.  He created a cornucopia of content.  Articles, emails, blogs.

Then, in ’03, Turbulence Training was born.  This e-book really put him on the map.  It had short, interval-based workouts anyone could do, from home, to un-suck themselves body-wise.

Ballantyne spent the next decade selling the living sh*t outta TT.  Craig got a lot of his own traffic, organically, thanks to all that writing (and later, YouTube videos).  Plus affiliates and JVs with other well-known fitness figures.  Sprinkle in spinoff products – challenges, bootcamps, memberships, etc. – and he easily made millions with Turbulence Training.

Next, perhaps because of burnout or competition or saturation or maybe all the above, Ballantyne switched gears.  From fitness to business.  He became co-owner and editor for Early To Rise, a peak performance website originally founded by Mark Ford.

Ballantyne then wrote The Perfect Day Formula.  In this bestselling book, he shares “5 success pillars” for more wealth, better health and improved relationships, all while working less.  These are the same principles Craig used to overcome anxiety, dominate each day, and build a handful of businesses that generate a million or more a year.

Today, he hammers Instagram to attract CEOs, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, and execs – then sells ’em a variety of coaching and workshop packages designed to help them increase impact and income, while living their best life.

Thanks to Ballantyne’s biz systems, his clients have collectively made more than $250 million dollars in additional revenue.

Congrats, Craig.

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