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David Bayer Coaching Review

David Bayer Reviews

November 18, 2020 update: I had some screenshots of David’s funnel below and apparently he didn’t like my opinion of his offer, so he sent a copyright infringement claim. Classic guru.

David Bayer says webinars, funnels and expensive ads are the worst way to attract new high-paying clients. This, according to his latest Facebook ad. I’ll drop my David Bayer coaching review below. But first, here’s how to launch a “digital toll booth” business:

Alright, so after I clicked on David Bayer’s ad, I’m taken to his squeeze page. There, I’m invited to attend a free training webinar.

Supposedly, it reveals how David built a multi-million dollar coaching and consulting company in under two years. And he did it in just “four simple steps”… without “funnels, webinars, facebook ads or lots of time, money, or a team”… all while “spending 90% of his time doing what he loves.”

Mind you, he did pretty much all of those things to get me to this page. So is this a case of “do as I say, not as I do?” I’m about to find out. I went ahead and registered for the next live webclass, where David dove right in.

The punchline is this: don’t be an online marketer, be a “virtual marketer.” Think offline presentations—done on the internet—thanks to social distancing. Confused? Me too.

Like, what’s he mean by “find a virtual association, group, company, or event?” Eventually, he answered that question:

  • Virtual trainings for corporations
  • Virtual meetings for associations
  • Virtual churches, veterans, women’s and men’s groups
  • Virtual lunch-and-learns for organizations
  • Virtual executive roundtables
  • Virtual stages and conferences

Basically, a long-winded way of saying: “Zig when others zag.” Look for smarter ways to pitch people online; and, because of the pandemic, understand, more opportunities have opened up. You’re not just limited to Facebook and YouTube ads.

Fair point. And I could even see virtual presentations like these converting better than running cold traffic from FB to a webinar replay, for example. The audience has chosen to be there. They’re probably paying better attention. And they’re not seeing 100 ads from you competitors throughout the day.

So if your presentation is dialed, and you soft-pitch your service at the end, yeah, no reason you couldn’t land some high-ticket clients. I’ll give him that.

But then David’s webinar sorta switches gears and goes into this whole “now’s not the time to shrink and play scared” spiel… so book a “golden window opportunity” call and don’t get left behind.

I dunno. The whole thing was weird. All over the place. Like, is this about your “little-known traffic source?” If so, do you have a list of these virtual events we can reach out to, to try and set something up? If not, why couldn’t I just go look for some on my own?

Are you gonna help me perfect my presentation? Didn’t sound like it. So I’m not tryin’ to be a hater, but other than David doing his best to convince me that “now’s the time to cash-in,” I have zero idea why I’d need to invest in David Bayer’s Business Accelerator Coaching group.

Plus, it’s a little bothersome that his entire hook was “no ads, no funnels, no webinars,” and yet, that’s exactly what he used to reel me in.

Finally, I’m not sure how much David Bayer coaching costs, but I do know it’s not cheap. Right below the calendar he wants me to sign up for a “breakthrough call” on, I saw this:

As a gesture of gratitude for your commitment to showing up for the Business Breakthrough Session, you will receive a one-time $3,000 credit towards any coaching program if you decide you would like me to support you at a higher level.

Based on that, if I had to guess, you’re lookin’ at no less than $6k to $10k to enroll. I dunno. Personally, I wouldn’t wanna spend that much and then get in and it’s like, “Here’s a bunch of random pieces from lots of different puzzles; good luck putting ’em together.”

I think you need a complete, specific, step-by-step system. Like a McDonald’s franchise, but online. Not self-help platitudes, rah-rah speeches, and half-baked ideas about “presenting virtually”… when you don’t even do that yourself. And I may be biased, but I’ve got just the thing.

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