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How To Beast Net Worth, David Hits 1 Million Subs


“I remember the day that I started How To Beast,” recalled David de las Morenas in a recent YouTube video he made, celebrating one million subs. “I was the first subscriber to my channel. It’s insane, man.”

“To think that one million people have seen a How To Beast video, and then decided to click the subscribe button?” he trailed off, swallowing back tears. “Thank you guys, man. I f*ckin’ love doing this. I wake up every day so excited to make more videos. We’re all in this together. Beast Nation. One million strong.”

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David then takes us on a hilarious trip down memory lane, pulling up clips of his very first YouTube videos. Cringe! Let’s just say, dude was about 1/10th as beastly as he is today. And the beard definitely helps.

Next, he showed us the evolution of his editing skills. It was cool seeing how much goes into (what appears to be) a simple YouTube video. For example, David had to learn how to fly a drone to get that cool aerial footage—and that was a whole ordeal in and of itself. Thirteen drones later, he appears to have a pretty good handle on it.

After that, I almost died of secondhand embarrassment as David played his infamous “Never Catch Feelings” music video. I sure wish I could unsee that. Perhaps David wishes he could unmake it—’cause it apparently got about 25 times more hate than a normal video.

Then there was the whole “approach hot girls, tell ’em you’re a virgin, and ask ’em on a date” challenge. Awkward entertainment at its finest.

How To Beast Tesla Model X

What else? David brought up the first time his woman, Julia, was in a video—and stood behind him, mean muggin’ the camera, not sayin’ a word. Then, when she finally spoke in another video, she laughed about it, admitting she suffers from RBF (or Resting B*tch Face).

Last, David replayed the video where he proposed to Julia in Tulum, Mexico, while they were out sightseeing—and, understandably, he got pretty choked up over that too.

“From the moment that I picked up the camera for the first time, like, it’s been a f*ckin’ journey, man. And the fact that so many of you guys have been here with me to experience this with me, like, from the bottom of my heart, thank you,” David said, stepping out onto his apartment balcony. Which was about eleventy-five times nicer than the apartment he first started filming videos out of. #ApartmentGainz

“I don’t know what to say. It means the world to me, man. And… Beast Nation for life. We’re not gonna stop. We’re gonna get to two million [subscribers] next. I appreciate you all so much. Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. Stay beastly,” he says, as the video wraps up.

Anyhoo. Between David’s clothing line, supplement sales, fitness app, sponsorships and ad revenue, we estimate his net worth to be around $2 million dollars. Well done, and thanks for showing us how to beast, bro.

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