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Alex Becker Net Worth

Alex Becker YouTube

Alex Becker net worth: Alex Becker is an internet marketer with an approximate net worth of $3 million dollars.

It would be higher but he blew several million on hookers and cocaine.  Kidding.  He reinvests heavily into his SaaS projects, which is why his net worth is lower than you might expect for someone who’s been doin’ millions online, year after year, for a long, long time now.  Anyhow.

Becker’s business path went like so: got outta the Air Force; got online; learned SEO; ranked and banked; sold SEO courses, coaching, software; grew personal brand; sold training on ads, webinars, e-commerce, etc.; wrote book; spoke publicly; built supplement and software companies – most notably, an email marketing service called Market Hero; became influencer on Instagram and YouTube; turned that traffic into repeat buyers and software subscribers; hopes to get bought out for hundreds of millions one day and ride off into the sunset.  Probably in a burnt orange exotic.

Alex Becker’s goal is to have a $500 million dollar net worth by the time he’s 40; then become a biggity-billionaire after that.

Time will tell.  Either way, he’s refreshing to watch.  He knows it’s not about perfectly-polished videos or neato graphics or hemming and hawing over headlines or whether you should charge $100 or $97 or any of the other mental masturbation that plagues so many peeps.  Nope.

Unlike most internet marketers, he gets it.

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