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Course Clients Reviews (Ben Riley Ripoff?)

CourseClients.com Critique

Course Clients says, as long as you’re an expert at an in-demand skill, and you’re coachable, and you’ve got a budget to invest in coaching and paid ads, they’ll help you scale your course or coaching business in just seven days.

Is Ben Riley, the dude in the video, blowin’ smoke? Find out below when I review Course Clients. Before I get into that, though, here’s how to “collect rent” online without the stress and struggle of selling your own program:

Okay, back to Ben Riley’s Facebook ad for Course Clients. In the video, he says he can help you even if:

  • You haven’t yet created your course.
  • Your copywriting is crap.
  • Your tech skills are lacking.
  • You don’t know diddly about email marketing.
  • You have little-to-no online following.
  • You have no social proof or testimonials.
  • You’ve never done a successful “free challenge.”
  • You don’t have any affiliates.
  • You’ve never done a launch.
  • Or ran paid ads profitably.

None of that matters, Riley rants. You just need to be great at something there’s a proven market for, and willing and able to implement what Course Clients teaches you.

That you? If so, they’ll have you up and running in just one weeks’ time.

And, when you click “learn more” below Ben’s video, you’re taken to an application page. There’s another short video at the top, then a calendar sandwiched between a boatload of those video testimonials and social proof screenshots Riley said you didn’t need. Hmm.

Course Clients Discovery Call

Course Clients Review

I liked the simple funnel Ben Riley put together. He didn’t make you opt-in to his list so he could spam you with emails. There was no 90-minute webinar you had to suffer through. And he didn’t use any douchey guru tactics—like fake scarcity, for example.

I do have some concerns though. One, there was no value. It was all “here’s what you don’t need, here’s what you do need, and if you qualify, we can help you.” For me, that’s not enough. I need to see live examples of your methods working or I still don’t trust you.

Two, what course or coaching program has Ben sold, prior to Course Clients, that was successful? He left that part out. Is that because the only real money he’s ever made is selling the system to all of us?

Three, it’s all well and good that Ben says you can succeed even if you’re a total newbie with zero momentum, but yet he’s using almost everything he swears you don’t need… in order to sell you. Hypocritical? Or will his team help you make and master each of those pieces when you invest in Course Clients? (What about the proof though? They can’t help you with that; and based on Ben’s application page, that seems to be a big part of it!)

Four, the Course Clients cost is never addressed. Yes, that’s common in this space. They want you to schedule a call so they can overcome your objections and sell you, one-on-one. I get it. But I prefer to give people at least an idea of what they’ll need to get started. My guess is pricing for the Course Clients system starts out at about $5,000 and could be as high as $10,000.

Fifth and final—and perhaps most important—is this: I’m honestly over all these “I coach coaches” or “I sell courses to course creators” types. It’s basically MLM. Think about it: what will the majority of Ben Riley’s students do? They’ll also coach coaches or sell a course on how-to-sell-your-own-course. Why not? That’s where the big money is. And what’ll the majority of their members do? Same thing. How long can this go on till it’s so saturated no one can make any money? Or has it already reached that point?

Actually, that brings up one more. How many people are truly an expert at something? Isn’t there like a 10,000 hour rule or something? Sure, Ben is very clear about the need to be an expert. But c’mon. Is anyone listening to that? Or are they blinded by how fast and easy he makes it seem to scale to big numbers? I think it’s the latter. And so, what ends up happening is, you train a bunch of people to rip other people off, peddling their basic information for thousands and thousands of dollars. ‘Cause commandment one of coaching coaches is, “Bro, ya gotta raise your prices!” Ask Yahya, Tanner, Taylor. They know.

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