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4080 Marketing Reviews (Ethan Bence)

FB Ads Scaling

“So I’m gonna break all the rules of traditional advertising,” begins Ethan Bence, founder of 4080 Marketing, in his new YouTube ad. “I’m gonna show you what the inside of an ad account that has successfully scaled looks like.”

“Let me refresh this so you know it’s not fake. This is a brand that we work with that does about four or five hundred thousand dollars a month—depending on the month—in revenue; and we spend about $4,000 per day with them.”

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“So you hear a lot of people complain about account instability as you try to scale up, with Facebook being volatile from day to day. Especially as you’re spending a thousand, two thousand, three thousand dollars per day.”

“What ends up happening is that typically people are making one of three mistakes, or all three, um, as they scale. And that’s preventing them from hitting that next level of spend that they want to spend profitably,” he continues.

And after working with hundreds of brands and spending as much as $800k per month, collectively, on Facebook ads, Ethan says everyone’s sh*ttin’ the bed on one of these three things.

“So, if you’re looking to fix these mistakes and scale up, and you have a good brand, I made a free 20 minute training that details these mistakes and how to fix ’em; and you can probably make a couple extra thousand dollars just from one item in the training,” he says, as the YouTube ad comes to a close.

Alright, here’s the thing. You don’t even need to go any further to figure out whether or not this dude’s legit. Whatever gurus do in their ads—you can expect more of the same throughout their marketing.

What Ethan Bence’s ad tells me about 4080 Marketing


In a word? That it’s: real. There was no stacks of hundreds on his desk. He wasn’t filming a selfie-style video from the beach. He didn’t say he was making six figures a month. Or flash doctored up screenshots from his Facebook group. Hell, he wasn’t even good on camera. Like, at all.

And that’s why I believe him. You see, if he didn’t mislead ya or flat-out lie in the ad, there’s no reason for him to do it after ya click and opt-in. Right?

On that note, my only real complaint would be that the screenshots of the Facebook ad accounts he has on the signup page are from early 2019.

At the time of writing this, that’s nearly two years old. Which, in internet years, is like 20. A lot can (and has) changed on Facebook during that time. (Might wanna update that, Ethan.)

Other than that, I see no red flags with 4080 Marketing. If you’re struggling to ramp up your Facebook ads, you might wanna check ’em out.

Or, maybe you’d rather master free traffic. It’s how you got here, isn’t it? Imagine being able to do that for your own business. Or brick and mortar businesses all over the globe, like we do. Or both.

When you can rank at the top of Google for search terms buyers are looking for, well, it doesn’t get any better than that. The leads are ridic. You pocket 100% of each sale, since Facebook’s not taking a big ol’ bite out of it.

And, despite what cynics say, it’s a lot faster and much more scalable than you might think. Want me to prove it? I’d be happy to. Click the link below and read carefully. Cool?

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