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Patrick Bet-David Net Worth, Best Advice


Patrick Bet-David was born and raised in Iran. In 1989, his family fled to Germany where they lived at a refugee camp. Two years later, they were fortunate enough to move to Glendale, California.

Patrick graduated high school with a 1.8 GPA and entered the army. When he got out, he had dreams of being the Middle Eastern version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know: become Mr. Olympia, move to Hollywood, then do the whole movie star thing.

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But at age 21, inspired by his girlfriend—who was earning good money at an investment bank—Patrick managed to pull off the impossible and land a job at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

With no college degree or relevant job experience, he wrote his best joke at the top of his resume when he applied. At the bottom, he said, “If you’re smiling reading this, that’s exactly how your future clients are gonna feel when they work with me.” His creativity won them over.

Several years later, Patrick went out on his own, launching his PHP Agency—an MLM-adjacent life insurance company. While it’s quite successful, critics call it a pyramid scheme.

What you know him for (Valuetainment), happened almost by accident. “I was creating content that was private and unlisted on YouTube,” Patrick reflected. “And then one day we said, ‘Why don’t we try it out? You know, let’s create some content publicly.’ And we did.”

Valutainment Videos

Today, the Valuetainment channel has a whopping 2.75 million subscribers who tune in for exactly that: value mixed with entertainment—for entrepreneurs. When you add up ad revenue, merchandise, public speaking, book sales, etc., Valuetainment is now an eight figure brand.

All told, Patrick Bet-David’s net worth is a mind-melting $150 million dollars. This, according to your mom’s favorite net worth website, Celebrity Net Worth.

Speaking on the keys to his success, Patrick had this to say: “For me, once I got clear on who I wanted to be, the rest was just execution. And then, it’s knowing how much you are willing to tolerate pain.”

“Whoever can tolerate pain the longest and minimize the amount of mistakes that would [otherwise] stunt your momentum, has the highest likelihood of winning.”

Patrick Bet David Cigar

“And then it’s about who can last the longest. And that’s the last thing because most people cannot last a long time. This whole thing about, ‘I’m the first one here and the last to leave’—people can do it for a day. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. Maybe a quarter. Maybe a year.”

“Try doing that 20 years. I mean that’s not a regular thing to do. Stamina. [Overcoming] fatigue. Having endurance. ‘You just made $50k last month. You just made $500k last month. You just got a $3 million dollar check.’ Now what do you do?”

“What do you do when you’re living in a 15,000 square-foot house on the lake and you got all the cars and you have all the fame and the accolades and millions in the bank and you’ve already gotten the nice gifts for your family and you’ve traveled the world and had great conversations with people… now what is it? It’s gotta be deeper or else you’re gonna slow down,” Patrick hammered home.

The takeaway? You have to be obsessed with reaching that next level of entrepreneurship or you’re gonna get stuck like everybody else. Don’t look back, look forward. Surround yourself with people you respect—who are years ahead of you in business—and model what they’re doing.

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