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Your Mind Is A B*tch

Mind Punishment

So is mine.  I’m serious.  It’s so weak, so pathetic, so spoiled by our collective success as a society.

The older I get; the more consecutive years I make a million dollars or more (this’ll be my fourth); the more I study and learn and look back on and reverse-engineer how I’ve been able to do that; the less weight I give to strategies and skills and the more weight I give to mental toughness in terms of what’s most responsible for you or me or anybody becoming a millionaire.

Don’t get me wrong.  Picking the right niche is key.  Having a great product or service goes without saying.  Getting good at copywriting, marketing, advertising, and sales is a huge plus.  Time management, goal-setting – all that sh*t’s helpful, right?

But dude.  If you were to wake up every day, forget all the biz bullsh*t, and concentrate solely on toughening-the-f*ck up?  Mentally?  (Which, I believe, is best done by putting yourself through the wringer, physically.)?

I think you’ll start to see problems and plateaus melt away.

Like, stop looking for tricks and tactics, secrets and shortcuts.

Instead, embrace pain and suffering.  Even in little bursts.

End your shower with the water on as cold as it’ll go.  Walk there – instead of driving.  Do bodyweight lunges until your quads are on fire, then do five more reps per leg.  Dump some hot sauce on those veggies.  Sissy.  Skip your morning coffee.  You big savage you.  Instead of bumpin’ Drake when it’s cardio time, listen to an audiobook instead.

And those examples just prove my point that much more.

I mean, look how soft that sh*t is.  Like, that’s where we have to start in this day and age.  With weak-ass micro-doses of inconvenience.  To harden our bodies and challenge our brain’s pathetic default settings to keep us rested and comfortable and safe.

I’m gonna be talking a lot more about this.  I’ve only recently began to understand how powerful this is – and I want you to experience it with me.

Recap: being hard on yourself, physically, will strengthen you, mentally, which’ll make you a beast in business.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.