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Josh Bezoni Net Worth

Josh Bezoni Wealth

Josh Bezoni net worth: Josh Bezoni, nutritionist, author, fitness entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, has an approximate net worth of $500 million dollars.

You know him from BioTrust, the all-natural supplement company he created with his homie, Joel Marion.

Before that, Bezoni went to Central College in Iowa, where he was pre-med.  But after graduating top of class with a degree in Biology, he decided to skip medical school and instead went and studied under EAS’s Bill Phillips.  There, Bezoni developed dietary systems and supplements for high-end celebrities and championship athletes.

Next, he wrote a couple of bestselling books on nutrition and weight loss.  Then ran into Mr. Marion, online.  The two teamed up and used world-class copywriting to launch and scale BioTrust… which has now done nearly one billion (with a B) in sales.  (Hang tight, while I pick pieces of my mind off the wall.)

Last, his charity game is, um, not a game.  Josh Bezoni donates millions to various organizations that help deliver clean water, healthy food, and better medical care to families in need, both domestically and abroad.

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