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Biaheza Net Worth, Dropshipping Drama

@biaheza Instagram

This is the story of how Vlad Biaheza, better known by just his last name, @Biaheza, built a net worth of roughly $1.3 million dollars before his 20th birthday.

It all starts back in middle school—sixth/seventh grade. That’s when Biaheza began building out niche Instagram pages, then selling ad space to whoever was interested.

What he noticed was, everyone who was buying ads was doing dropshipping. And, clearly, it was working for them, so he just followed suit. Soon, he was netting $20 grand a month. Not bad for an immigrant kid crammed into a two bedroom apartment with his parents and five siblings, eh?

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But things really escalated quickly when Biaheza took that profit and dumped it into Facebook ads to drive even more customers to his Shopify store, where he had been drop-shipping his products from.

Next thing ya know, he’s doing over $300,000 a month in sales. After hard costs and ad spend, he was still pocketing six figures! No wonder he dropped outta college to pursue “this internet thing” full-time.

Anyhoo. With such a wild success story, naturally, Biaheza launches a YouTube channel to share it with others. As a growth hack strategy, he made sure he got notified whenever a top YouTuber in the personal finance space put out a new video. He’d then leave a witty comment below it.

More times than not, this comment would get a ton of likes and become the “top comment.” Millions of people would see it. And a percentage of ’em would click on Biaheza’s name and end up on his channel. Seven hundred thousand subscribers later, I guess you could say it worked.

Biaheza Vlogger

These days, Biaheza’s got five income streams: he’s still doing dropshipping, although it’s on pause for the time being because of Corona; then there’s ad revenue from all those YouTube views; he’s got his “how to start your own dropshipping business” course; brand deals/sponsorships; and his stock and real estate investments.

Of the five, his course brings in the most money. It averages about $90,000 per month currently. YouTube ad revenue comes in second, at about $35,000 per month. From there, it really falls off. But still. Dude can’t even drink alcohol yet and he’s averaging a cool $150k per month.

Oh, and get this: Biaheza is still a one-man show. He does everything himself, partly because he likes being in control and also because he doesn’t want anyone finding out which products he’s killing it with (or was, pre-Covid) in dropshipping. And he still lives at home with his parents. And he’s got, what, another 80 years for his investments to compound?

So yeah. Barring Biaheza gettin’ banned from YouTube, that $1.3 million dollar net worth is gonna go in one direction and one direction only: up! For more of Biaheza’s story, watch this interview he did with Jack and Graham Stephan on the Iced Coffee Hour podcast. Pretty inspiring stuff.

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