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Online Billboards: Passive Income Ads Exposed

Abdul Billboard Modern Millionaire

“Here’s a simple passive income business that allows you to be free,” says Abdul Samad in yet another cringey YouTube ad. “You probably don’t know about it. But let me tell you what you do know about: billboards.”

“Take a guess how much passive income a billboard like this [flashes a ‘Discover Los Angeles’ billboard] would generate each month,” he continues.

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“Three grand a month? Four grand a month? Before you give an answer I want you to think about something. Old school businesses typically cost $50k to $100k a month just to set up.”

“Not to mention taxes, maintenance costs—physical businesses are a headache. But you know what’s better? Online billboards like this one [shows a Facebook ad].”

“These generate from $5k to $10k, even $15k a month in pure profit. It’s semi-passive income without the setup cost, without the maintenance cost, without the headache or any previous experience.”

Abdul then hands it off to his free-spirited partner, Chance, who says, “These online billboards are the same ads you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. And local businesses will pay you to set them up.”

“The demand for online ads is growing faster than ever,” he adds. “I’m sure you’ve noticed: more and more people are spending their time online. You, right now, are watching this ad online.”

“This is exactly why this market is expected to grow [by] over $50 billion dollars this year.”

Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care then walks you through the usual guru spiel: student testimonials, “look at all the money that’s coming into our Stripe account,” “I’ve also been featured on Forbes,” “and we’ve spoken in front of hundreds of people all over the country.”

“Anyone can follow a simple two-step method to setup these online billboard ads,” he picks back up. “The time to start is now because corporations haven’t figured this out yet.”

“You can quickly create as many billboards as you want for practically any business, and they will pay you thousands of dollars per month, passively, without you having to invest thousands of dollars on inventory-based businesses like dropshipping and Amazon. You know that those products are never gonna sell anyways.”

“So with this passive online business model you can get massive return in as little as 30 to 90 days. There’s no risk. We’re going to hand you the blueprint to the only system that allows you to create these online billboard ads at scale.”

“Over 850 regular folks like you and I are making $10k, $20k, or even $40k per month by making these simple online billboard ads.”

“Let’s be real: you can either keep hoping for a 2% raise, benefits, a retirement fund, and whatever else might ‘help you get rich,’ or you can join over 850 students who are getting rich now, while traveling the world, spending time with their family, and doing things that they genuinely enjoy.”

“Obviously there’s a cost to this system. But we’d be happy to jump on the phone with you to see if this is a good fit,” he says, before instructing you to click below to get started “building your own seven figure billboard ads business.”

Are the Modern Millionaires lying to you?

Abdul Chance Scammers

I had some questions and concerns with this ad. Here they are.

One, Abdul begins by saying you probably don’t know about this business. Come to find out, it’s setting up ads online. Wow. You’re right, Abdul. I’ve never heard of that.

Two, Abdul says brick and mortar businesses cost between $50k to $100k per month just to setup. Um. Some do, yes. But most do not. I dunno. I just find it funny that he pulls a number outta his ass and acts like he’s spitting facts. My pool cleaner, for example, probably runs his entire business on about $1k per month.

Three, you’re tellin’ me one of these Facebook ads makes you $5k to $15k per month in pure profit? After ad spend and software and tools? C’mon. No way that’s a typical result.

Four, there’s no startup costs? Bruh. How do you run paid ads with no money? GTFOH.

Five—and this one’s for Chance—but how do we know your Stripe transactions aren’t just you and Abdul sending each other money back and forth?

Six, have any of the results your students have supposedly gotten been verified? Doubt it. And what biases should we know about? Are they selling something in your back-end?

Seven, oh you’ve been seen on Forbes, huh? Tell me more. Is it not an article you paid to be mentioned in? And does it not ask for the best business advice you’ve ever given your kids? (You know, that you don’t have?)

Eight, two steps is all, huh? So if I buy Officeless Agency, after two simple steps, I’ll be making at least $5k per month in pure profit? How do these guys sleep at night?

Nine, corporations haven’t figured this out yet? Man, if only GEICO and TurboTax knew you could run ads online! Someone should probably tell them.

Ten, y’all conveniently forgot to mention how one might go about landing these whale clients who’re gonna shell out $5k to $15k per month. That wouldn’t be because it’s damn near impossible, would it?

Eleven, one minute you’re saying there’s no risk, the next you’re saying “obviously this costs money.” Which is it? Wait, I already know. After you’re done upselling people, they’ll be about $7k in the hole, won’t they?

Twelve, just to clarify: if I join, I can “get rich now” while “traveling the world, spending time with my family and doing the things I enjoy?” Because that doesn’t sound too good to be true at all.

I feel like I should get a medal for even sitting through that entire ad. F*ck those guys.

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