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Billy Gene On Instagram: “Guys, I’m A Juicehead!”

Billy Gene Is Marketing IG Photo

Billy Gene Is Marketing is known for his entertaining ads that get quick results. So we expect the “Geneius” marketer to post content about plucking people off Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, warming them up, and converting them into customers.

But the big homie, Billy Gene, threw us a curveball recently when he shared an IG story about an extreme lifestyle experiment he had been doing. Continue reading for the full scoop.

First, though, here’s how to create a simple little website that pulls in $1,500 per month passively. I’ll let my mentor take it away.

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Back to Billy. So what’d he share about “juicing” on Insta that had the who’s who of gurus commenting below his post? Here, how ’bout I just show you.

Billy’s bizarre behavior, explained

“Whaddup y’all? So day 10 of juicing. No food. Literally, not a single bite of food for 10 days,” a noticeably leaner Billy Gene says in his latest Instagram video. But it wasn’t a health thing.

He was on a mission to test his mental fortitude. And test him, it did. Billy recalled how, at times, he’d get so hungry he’d ask his girl to eat in front of him, hoping for some sort of vicarious relief.

Somehow he stuck it out and hit his 10-day juice-only goal. Apparently, he lost 15 pounds during that time—a welcome side effect to this little “brain training” challenge.

On top of getting leaner, Billy said he felt amazing not having all that sh*tty food in his system.

Despite this, as soon as he crossed the finish line, he went and wolfed down some McDonald’s to celebrate.

“People were like, ‘You’re not even gonna crave that stuff anymore,'” Billy chuckled. “Shut the f*ck up. It was amazing. It was bomb. But afterwards, it was like, whatever, let’s just get back to normal,” he recalled.

So was it worth it? Billy sure seemed to think so.

“I was impressed with myself and what the body is capable of doing. Like, you see some people, they miss a meal, and it’s like: ‘Oh my God, I haven’t eaten in three hours!'” he said mockingly.

“You’re being a b*tch. Like, I’ll just keep it real. You’re being a b*tch. I’ve been there before. I’ve been a b*tch plenty of times in my life. But that’s just… you’re being soft.”

Hey, who knows, maybe a long-ass juice cleanse will help you toughen up too. As for Billy, he’ll take his newfound perspective and keep on keepin’ on.

“I feel fine. Back to normal. My stomach didn’t hurt after eating the McDonald’s. Just going back to my normal sh*t: [intermittent] fasting and eating food,” he wraps up the video with.

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