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Jeff Bishop Net Worth: How Rich Is The Raging Bull Cofounder?

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“If it were easy to make money in the stock market, everybody’d be doing it,” says Jeff Bishop, cofounder of RagingBull.com, in his latest YouTube ad.

“[But] they’re not,” he continues, “and you know there’s a reason why.”

“I’m tellin’ you: the stock market has changed my life. And I’ve learned some really simple techniques that can help you become consistently profitable,” he says.

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Back to Jeff: “I’m also the world’s top real money live streaming options trader,” he brags. “I wanna share with you what I’ve learned over 20 years. My best tips, tricks, and secrets.”

“All put into one course. This is my best-selling course. Normally, it’s $49. But today, I wanna give it to you absolutely free,” he says.

Just click, enter your email, and repeat after Jeff—for more money, more consistency, and more options in life that you never even knew were possible.

“Get your hands on The Option Profit Accelerator; you could start making more money today,” he promises as the video comes to an end.

It’s a strong ad and it’s clearly working because it’s racked up over 15 million views in under two years. That means they’ve spent roughly $750k (and counting) for Jeff to stand there in his sweet Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt and tell you about this “limited time” offer.

Which got me wondering: damn, how big of a company is Raging Bull? And what’s Jeff making? And how much of it’s from actually trading and how much of it is from selling all of us the dream?

I did some digging. Here’s what I found.

Jeff Bishop’s bio

CEO RagingBull.com

Apparently, Jeff Bishop created Raging Bull alongside Jason Bond, who you probably know from a controversial program called Jason Bond Picks.

Bishop brands himself a savvy options trader with peerless market insights, and “one of the best traders anywhere.”

(*Also, really good at being humble!)

He’s the CEO of RagingBull.com; has a degree in both finance and economics; and is a lifetime member of MENSA, the smartypants society.

Jeff Bishop claims to have made multiple millions through trading—stocks, ETFs, and options. Today, he’s most passionate about teaching others how to follow in his footsteps, all while minimizing their risk.

Oh, and he and Jason want you to know that they donate to charity.

But if you look around online, not everyone has such good things to say about Jeff. Skeptics believe he makes almost all of his money from selling the how-to.

One Quora user left this scathing review: “They [referring to Jeff and Jason] are effectively con-artists.”

“Look, I can go to the casino and brag about the time I put $100 on 27 black at roulette and made 3,800% profit! So pay me money and I’ll show you how,” they wrote sarcastically.

“If they are only hand-picking times they won and actually can’t reliably beat the S&P 500, then they need to find a [better] revenue source—and here’s where the scam comes in,” they continued.

“If, on the other hand, they could actually beat the S&P 500, not by a fraction, but rather a multiple, they’d be wealthier than Warren Buffet in a decade. They aren’t.”

What do you think? Facts? Or no?

Regardless, Wealthy Persons lists Jeff Bishop’s net worth at $3 million dollars. Based on the size of Raging Bull, and their aggressive ad spend, we’d estimate it’s actually quite a bit higher than that.

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