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Allie Bjerk Tiny Offer Lab Reviews, Cost, Concerns

TinyOfferLab.com Allie Bjerk Ad

Allie Bjerk will show you how to “play big by going tiny.” This, according to her latest Facebook ad. Can you trust her? Find out below—read my Tiny Offer Lab review.

But first, speaking of tiny, here’s how we rent itty-bitty websites to local business owners for anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand a month:

Back to Allie Bjerk. I clicked on her ad, and was taken to a landing page where she’s offering a free training for online business owners. It reveals how she made nearly $750 Gs selling a $27 digital product! Not only that, but she did it without a big budget, tons of time, or an existing email list.

Tiny Offer System

Intrigued, I figured I’d opt-in and hear what she had to say. But when I clicked the button, there were two things that turned me off. Can you spot them?

Allie Bjerk Reviews

One, the form that popped up contradicted her original income claim, and wasn’t nearly impressive. Still, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was an old form and she forgot to update it.

Two, though—and this was the real deal-breaker for me—is that the live workshop wasn’t for another five days! (I was trying to sign up on the morning of August 8th, 2020. Sheesh. In internet time, that’s like five years away. Being the instant gratification whore I am, that wasn’t gonna work.

So I went around her funnel. I Googled “Allie Bjerk podcast,” “Allie Bjerk review,” “Tiny Offer Lab program,” and so on and so forth. I read, listened, watched, critiqued and questioned all things Allie.

Here are 15 takeaways that will help you decide if the Tiny Offer course is right for you.

1. Allie’s Tiny Offer Revolution, so-to-speak, can be summed up in two words: f*ck freebies. Why pour time, energy, and money into building an email list of a buncha looky-loos who have no intention of ever buying anything from you?

2. Instead, hit ’em with a tiny offer right outta the gate. A small, simple, low-priced digital product is a great way to cut the sh*t and get straight to the buyers.

3. After the initial low-ticket purchase, Allie’s all about peppering ’em with upsells to get the average total order value up as high as possible. (Personally, I’m not a fan of these, even though I know they work.)

4. In doing this, your tiny offers can cover your ad spend for what you really wanna sell: your mack-daddy, multi-thousand dollar “signature programs.”

5. Not only that, but compared to giving them the info for free, by making ’em put some skin in the game—like, say, $27—they’re more likely to take it serious, act on the information, be happy with their purchase, and even tell others.

6. I believe all of the previous points to be true. However, make no mistake: the lion’s share of Allie Bjerk’s money is made from selling high-end coaching.

7. For example, her Tiny Offer Lab costs $5,997. You can also break that into monthly payments, where, the longer the plan, the more interest she tacks on. For example, eight installments of $875, which ends up totaling $7,000.

8. Allie could skip the whole tiny offer piece and run paid ads straight to that, and probably come out about the same. Sure, maybe not quite as profitable. But she’d also save herself a truckload of effort. Think about building all those pages and systems out; not to mention, all the extra support you now have to do to babysit those low-end buyers.

9. In my experience, it’s not worth the added hassle. Low-level buyers are the biggest pain in the ass. They spend a whopping $27 and then think they’re entitled to tee off on you with questions for the next eleventy months.

10. Then, of course, after that, they’ll say, “It didn’t work for me,” and request a refund; or worse, chargeback. Why does no one address that? It’s a serious threat to your merchant account. And if you lose that? Buh-bye big ticket sales.

11. But here’s my biggest objection: I don’t believe you can take average internet marketers and turn ’em into Allie Bjerk. Even if she teaches you everything she knows; even if she hooks you up with her proven templates, swipes and funnels you can clone—you still ain’t Allie, brah.

12. You don’t look like her. Sound like her. Have the same charisma as her. Credibility. Skill. Proof. And on and on. (And neither do I.) So let’s be real: we can’t all be multi-millionaire course creators and coaches. Some of us just don’t have the “it factor” it takes to win sales in such a noisy environment.

13. There are much more practical ways for the average, everyday person to succeed online. And yeah, you might not make as much. But the tradeoff is, you’re much more likely to make something. And that matters.

14. I’d rather show you how to make your first $1,000 per month—with a tiny website and free traffic from Google—and go from there. Which I believe almost anyone could do.

15. But the whole Tiny Offer Lab approach? Unless Allie’s gonna be the product creator, face, voice, branding expert, graphic designer, copywriter, ad specialist, support staff, phone closer, etc., on your behalf? Yeah, well, good luck with that.

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