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BJK University Reviews, Cost (Bashar J. Katou Gets Exposed)


“You’ve heard of a lot of people making money on Amazon,” begins Bashar J. Katou in a recent YouTube ad—his mustache looking fresher than an ATM twenty.

“But no matter where you look, you’re still not sure where or how to start.”

“You still have a ton of questions that none of the ‘gurus’ seem to want to answer for you.”

“You might even be thinking like, you know, is this dude for real? ‘I don’t need to buy a mansion tomorrow morning. I just need to know how to start.’ I’ve been there,” he says.

Bashar then tells how his last business—a restaurant that he had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into—burned to the ground after a kitchen fire and he lost everything.

That’s when he discovered Amazon FBA. It took some trial and error, but eventually, he got the hang of it. Fast forward to today: Bashar makes a full-time living selling on Amazon.

Now he’s got a free, no-pitch training (or so he says) that’ll teach us how to carbon copy his success. I’ll review it below.

Before I do, though, here’s a case study my mentor and one of his 6,449 students filmed recently. Watch carefully. They’ll show you a $1,500/month income stream you can duplicate yourself.

Amazon FBA got nothin’ on this

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Alright, so I signed up for Bashar’s training and sat through the entire thing. It gets off to a slow start, as he goes off on a tangent about Elon Musk’s Cybertruck and clumsily tries to use it as an analogy for winning with Amazon.

Eventually he makes his point, which was: the difference between “grinders” and “rainmakers” is that rainmakers launch lots of profitable products that can be scaled, whereas grinders try to get rich off one product.

From there, it’s just a lot more talking without really saying anything. I kept thinking, “Okay, he’s about to show me his store or at least some stats from one of his best-selling products.”

But nope. Just a bunch of surface level statements: find good products, price them right, negotiate a cheap rate from the supplier, craft the best listing, rank on page one, rinse and repeat.

Bashar Katou has me triggered

Amazon BJK University

Gee, thanks for the insight, Bashar. Your so-called “training” was about as useful as a bag full of buttholes.

Then, get this: the narcissist spends the last 10-minutes of the video rambling on and on about who he’d like to work with.

But wait, Bashar. You said, in your YouTube ad, there was nothing for sale and no catch. That you were just sick and tired of these gurus and their Lambos. That you were gonna be the good guy and show us how to get started, step by step, for free.

You did none of that. Instead, you mislead us and wasted our time. And for the finale? You try to trick people into joining your BJK University thingamajig.

So is BJK University a scam?

BJK University Scam

I don’t know that I’d go that far. It’s probably not a scam, but I lost all trust in Bashar going through this sales funnel.

Like, bro, you can’t just hop on camera and say, “Gurus are bad, but I’m not,” and then act just like ’em and expect no one to notice.

And as for your, “Hurry! Only two spots left!” nonsense? You really must think your prospects are idiots to believe that. As if you’d be running YouTube ads, aggressively, for months on end, with only a couple spots left. C’mon, man.

I don’t know what BJK University costs, but I wouldn’t pay this guy a dollar. And even if he redid his whole pitch and it didn’t make me wanna revenge eat over the garbage then go take a long nap, I still hate the business model.

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