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Cody Bjugan Reviews The Secret To Lucrative Land Deals

Cody Bjugan Cofounder Vestright

VestRight cofounder Cody Bjugan says you need this “one critical attribute” to make money flipping land. Find out what it is (and if you have it) after the jump.

But first, here’s a case study I’d like you to watch. The dude with the dreadlocks will show you how to rent digital assets to small businesses—just like he taught me a few years ago.

Pay very close attention because he’ll reveal live projects you can actually carbon copy. Here, see for yourself.

Real estate minus the headaches

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Okay, ready for Cody’s secret? Gotta warn ya: it’s not sexy. But I respect the man for his honesty. Anyways. Here goes.

“How long would you be willing to wait for a payday?” Cody asks, in a recent Facebook post.

“If you’re like me, it depends on the payday. My patience level is much higher for a bigger payday. And if it’s a smaller payday, I’m looking to get paid quicker,” he continues.

“There are real estate strategies out there with different timelines for paydays that require different patience levels.”

“For example, home wholesaling averages around $7k per payday and takes about 60 days.”

Fix and flips average $50k and take about 6 months.”

“Are you okay with waiting six months for your payday?”

“The land deals that we do typically average $500,000 to the low 7-figures.”

Cody Bjugan’s million dollar question

Cody Bjugan Advice

“What is your patience level for these types of paydays?”

“We just recently picked up a check for about $1.5 million. That deal, from start to finish, was about a two-year process.”

“Do you have the patience to wait 12-18 months for the average payday on land deals?”

“[If so, and] if you are someone that’s thinking, ‘I want to build long-term wealth,’ then land is where you want to be,” Cody concludes.

So there you have it. Now. What happens if you’re an instant gratification whore, like me? Then investing in land deals probably ain’t ever gonna be your cup of tea.

Why not do what we do, instead? It’s faster and simpler; although, I’ll admit, the money’s smaller too. A typical rank-and-rent website, on average, will make you $750 per month.

You won’t get rich off that. But what’s stopping you from making 5, 10… 20 more? Nothing. So, before you go, perhaps you should read the following article.

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