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Weekly Blitz Alert Review (Lance Ippolito)

Blitz YouTube Ad

“If I gave you $25,000 today, what would you do? Pay two years off your mortgage, escape the rat race for a while, buy a new car?” asks Lance Ippolito, looking like he just smoked some Power Flower in the back of Scooby Doo’s van.

“If you give me just 90 seconds of your time right now, I’ll show you how you can make $24,840 in just seven days!” he continues.

Pause. This I gotta see. But first, how ’bout something a bit more practical? Here’s how one student makes $1,500 per month in mostly passive income.

No sketchy “shadow blitzes” required

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Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah: Lance’s audacious income claim. “If you click this ad right now, I’ll show you how you can potentially make $24,840 (or more) every single week!” he adds, doubling down on his original promise.

It gets better. Not only is Lance gonna make you rich, but it’s a quick, simple, set-it-and-forget-it process that requires zero experience or market knowledge.

“This shouldn’t even be possible, but trust me, it’s very real,” he says.

Okay, now I’m dying to know. Who is this guy?

Lance Ippolito’s backstory

Lance Trading System Review

Apparently, he’s a former hedge fund trader whose area of expertise—get this!—is “making large amounts of money in short periods of time.” Now that’s a specialty.

What else? He’s not interested in barely beating the market; if he can’t double his money, at a minimum, Lance won’t touch it.

His motto? “I trade to live and not the other way around.” Also, long-hair-don’t-care and loves to fish. That’s Lance for you.

Okay, back to his pitch. Lance tells how this is only possible because the government screwed up again.

“They passed a law that was supposed to make the stock market more transparent—to give the little guy a fighting chance—but instead, it ended up giving big corporate insiders an even bigger information advantage,” he says.

So basically, these movers and shakers catch wind of these undervalued stocks, throw massive amounts of money at ’em, and the next day… they explode!

Happens all the time, he says—referring to these instances as “shadow blitzes.”

And once Lance discovered how powerful and predictable they were, he hired a team of crack coders to create a tool that could reliably detect these puppies right before liftoff.

Which brings us to the offer. Surprise-surprise, Lance wants to sell you these white hot picks via a program he calls his Weekly Blitz Alert.

It costs $1,997 a year, but only if you hurry. After 199 people pull the trigger, you’ll be forced to pay the retail price of $7,500. Allegedly.

Yet, the YouTube ad that got me writing this review in the first place has nearly nine million views. If he’s paying five cents a view (which is pretty standard), that means he’s spent about $500k—just in the last month or two—on this ad.

Common sense says he wouldn’t keep running it if it wasn’t profitable. So we can safely assume he’s sold well over 199 people already… so that whole thing is nothing more than fake scarcity.

Which makes me wonder: what else would he fib about to make a buck? For instance, at the end of the video, he goes over three testimonials from current Blitz members.

This smushed screenshot doesn’t do it justice, but tell me those aren’t stock photos.

Bogus Blitz Alerts success stories?

WealthPress Reddit

Who knows, maybe they’re just the three most stock-photo-lookin’ dudes ever. Either way, I’m out.

I mean, I’d probably pay ol’ Lance for a YouTube ads course, but this? Way too hype-y for my taste. I’d proceed with caution if I were you.

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