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You’ll Never Be A Millionaire Blogger

Blogging With View

Unless people give a damn about what you’re writing.  Which is no easy task.  Since starting a blog requires, what, a $10 domain name, a few bucks for hosting, and about five minutes of work to launch – and bam, you’re in business?  Yeah.  Who wouldn’t wanna do that?

It’s instant.  It’s cheap.  You can work anytime, from anywhere.  All you need is a laptop and something to say.

And I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of success stories from guys and gals, young and old, in all sorts of niches, who seemingly “wrote about what they loved” and wound up a millionaire.

Sound about right?

Problem is, these advantages – fast, fun, simple, inexpensive, and convenient – are desired by everyone.

Naturally, competition’s a b*tch.  And she’s getting meaner by the minute.

Now I’m not trying to spook you out of it; but I need you to understand why what I’m about to say is everything if you plan on becoming a seven figure blogger.  Mmmkay?

Because if you don’t get this right, you and your boring blog are sure to drown in the Sea of Sameness.

Before I begin, I’m going to make some assumptions: (1) You’re picking a millionaire-friendly market; (2) You can add value to this market; (3) You don’t suck butt at writing; (4) You’re willing to write at least four hours a day and/or pay others to; (5) You have a plan for turning traffic into money (whether that’s selling ad space, your own products and services, coaching, consulting, something).

If all that’s accurate, let’s get started.

How to become a millionaire blogger

Based on the roughly three million dollars I’ve netted from past blogs, here is my number one tip to make people give a damn about what you’re writing.

Voice is everything

Say you’re blogging about something 389,122 other people are blogging about – why would anyone listen to you?  They won’t.  Unless you differentiate yourself.  But how?  By having a voice, that’s how.

Thing is, no one’s ever seen the world from your perspective, in the same order, time, and context you’ve experienced it.

But if you write bland, politically correct articles and don’t share any of that?  You’re not giving ’em a reason to pick you.


You might have a weight loss blog and sell supplements, but what you’re really selling is you – your unique set of beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, insights, and experiences.

Your personality is your greatest asset and if you don’t use it, you’re screwed.

Here’s the good news: most bloggers don’t.  Whether they don’t appreciate the significance, or they’re scared to put themselves out there, or they’re just following the herd, I’m really not sure.

But 90% of the blogs I see are basically saying the same thing, the same way.

And nobody cares.

And I know you know what I’m talking about too.

You do a Google search, click on a catchy headline, wind up on some generic blog.  Three sentences in, you feel like someone slipped you a Benadryl.  (Back button, bro.)

The internet’s littered with these tired-ass blogs.

And that’s why they never get any traction.  No comments, no shares, no leads, no sales, no nothing.

It’s a shame.  All that content, all that work.  Zero payoff.  Most blogs couldn’t pay the rent, let alone fund an early retirement and lavish lifestyle.  So why bother?

If you’re interested in actually making money (specifically, millions of dollars) with your blog, you need to leverage your God-given voice.

Here’s how to go about that:

  • Free your words.  Stop judging yourself and just let it flow.
  • Write for you and no one else.
  • What do you like?  What are you into?  Make it known.
  • How would you say it in person?  Write it that way.
  • Got an opinion?  Share it.  A story?  Tell it.
  • Read a lot, from a wide range of sources and styles.
  • Format the blog and structure your sentences so that it’s effortless for your audience.
  • Write a lot.  Duh.  It’ll become automatic over time.
  • Check your work for consistency.  Attitude and tone should be steady from one blog post to the next.

When you practice the above, even if you’re saying the same thing as everyone else, you won’t be saying it the same way.

Your blog becomes a destination for those who identify with you and prefer your writing.  It’s more authentic, compelling, entertaining, engaging.

I don’t think, I know this is the single most important factor in building a blog that can get enough attention to generate a milli or more per year.

Got it?  Good.  Read this next.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.