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Land Flipping Blueprint Review

Land Flipping Investor Ad

Casual Friday’s REI has a spoiler alert for ya: land is more lucrative than wholesaling, fix ‘n’ flips and long-term rentals. And they’ll help you build your land flipping machine now, according to the Facebook ad I just saw.

Are Adam Southey and Justin Sliva, the guys behind Land Flipping Investor, legit? Read on for my Land Flipping Blueprint review. But first, a case study on internet rental properties.

Compare this to land deals

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Okay, after I clicked on their ad and signed up to receive their blueprint, I was redirected to a training video: “How to buy and sell land: from zero to real estate investor in three months.” Adam opens by listing who this is for.

Target Audience Land Flippers

Adam then gives the brief background on him and his business partner, Justin. Together, they’ve done north of 500 land deals. They host a podcast called Casual Fridays REI. And have coached hundreds of real estate investors.

In total, they’ve done over $6 million dollars in off-market deals, and that number keeps climbing year after year. So they know their stuff.

But still. Why land? Because the old way of making money in real estate is too chaotic. You can hardly profit, let alone scale, if you’re out driving around, knocking on doors, or constantly negotiating with sellers on their properties, Adam explains. So do the opposite.

Introducing: Land Flipping Blueprint

The New Way Real Estate Profits

Adam calls this “the new way to invest in real estate” and believes it’s the most profitable and scalable strategy that exists. To do it right, you’ve gotta nail four key phases.

Phase #1: picking and pricing a county. This is critical if you wanna get the greatest return on your time and capital.

Phase #2: finding and reaching the owners. Use data and snail mail to pitch multiple sellers at once, and make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.

Phase #3: due diligence. Use county parcel software, parcel GIS software, Google Maps (and Google Earth), aerial drone photographers, and realtors to decide on land deals without ever leaving home.

Phase #4: scaling using professionals. The real secret to growing this business is to optimize and outsource to specialists: printing and mailing companies; phone answering services; title companies; realtors; accountants; attorneys; drone pilots; etc.

At this point in the video, Adam begins pitching a “free strategy call” where he or one of his team members will help you map out your land flipping plan of attack.

How much does their coaching cost?

Casual Fridays REI Land Deals

Adam Southey and Justin Sliva out looking at a potential 7-figure land deal.

At the end of the call, if it’s a good fit, they’ll invite you to join their Land Flipping Blueprint course. He doesn’t say exactly how much it costs, but warns their program is “not cheap.” Pay plans are available though.

Overall? I thought the whole thing was very well done. Adam and Justin seem genuine, credible, and trustworthy.

Maybe compare their offer to Mobile Home Millions and Land Investing Pros and see which one you like best.

But I didn’t pick up on any weird vibes or glaring holes in their presentation. I will say, compared to what we do, it sure seems like a lot of unnecessary stress and struggle.

So before you leave, it would be a good idea to check out the article below. Perhaps you’d rather go all-in on something like this.

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