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Brian Page BNB Formula Review

My BNB Formula Ad

Brian Page wants to show you how to get going fast with your new Airbnb business. Can you trust him? Let’s find out. But before I get into my BNB Formula review, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate:

Alright, so who is Brian Page? Let’s start there. After a proper b*tch slap from the 2008 real estate crash, Brian was dead set on discovering a new way to win with real estate. He began dabbling in the Airbnb space and was able to grow that business without owning any of his own properties or taking on any debt.

Brian Page Airbnb Course

Eventually, he packaged his philosophy, methods, and resources into a course and began teaching others how to follow in his footsteps. These days, Brian Page has students in just about every English-speaking country there is and says many of them have profited from his “BNB Formula” as well.

And, if I sign up for his free training, he’ll show me exactly how to get started with Airbnb myself, either by renting my own properties or piggybacking off other people’s homes—and listing ’em on Airbnb, acting almost like a broker—as he did. Plus, Brian reveals how he made six-figures in his first six months of doing this.

Start BNB Business

Welp, here goes nothin’. After clicking the big, yellow button and registering for the webinar, a few minutes later, it was game on:

Brian Page Airbnb Webinar

Right off the bat, it was refreshing to hear him say “this is not a get rich quick scheme.” And that his results are not typical. Like, why is that so hard for gurus to admit? I’m not turned off by that; if anything, it makes me let my guard down a bit and now I’m more receptive to Brian’s upcoming pitch, amiright?

So why Airbnb? In a word, math. The numbers don’t lie, Brian says. As compared to the “old way”—renting places out yourself—when you list on Airbnb, you could profit roughly 400% more each and every month. (Assuming his numbers are to be believed, which, he did back them up with some third-party data… if you see the asterisks at the bottom.)

BNB Versus Old Way

The elephant in the room is: if you hit up someone who wants to rent out their property, and you say, “Yep, I’d like to rent it from ya. However, just so you know, I’m not going to stay there. Instead, I’ll be listing it on Airbnb, and letting all kinds of different strangers stay there.”

Like, A) are they gonna be cool with that? And B) wouldn’t they ask questions and find out the reason you wanna do that is because you’re then gonna profit, even more than them, on their property? And if so, C) wouldn’t that make ’em wanna simply head over to Airbnb and list it on there themselves?

Truth is, that’s a lot to overcome. And Brian’s honest about that. He admits: “Not everyone’s gonna be okay with this.” But I have to wonder… how many people you’d have to hit up and “sell” just to land a single listing, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong. I do think there are people who’ll let you. I know human nature. People are lazy. And not everyone cares about leaving money on the table. They want things to be fast and easy. If they’re in a hurry to rent it out, and you swoop in and seem like a good person who’ll take good care of it and pay the agreed upon rent each month, even though you told ’em you’re gonna go whore it out on Airbnb, they still might be okay with it.

It’s just, what does that ratio look like? How many people will you have to pitch to get ’em to agree to this scheme?

Then, even when you get a yes, to me anyway, it sounds like a lot of work. And sh*t I’d rather not deal with. Getting an electric lock for the door. Staging the place. Hiring staff to deal with questions, concerns, drama, etc.

Just think about anytime you’ve rented off Airbnb. You probably had multiple back-and-forth emails/texts/calls with the owner, didn’t ya? Well, if it’s your listing, all that customer support falls on you. Yes, you can outsource it, and that’s what Brian recommends, but now you gotta hire, train, manage, and pay people. And then fire ’em when they inevitably suck. And repeat.

And now you want professional pictures taken of the place or it won’t get any traction on Airbnb’s website. And even when you cross all that off, and manage to get it rented out, well now there’s maintenance, you gotta clean the place after weirdos stay there and drop pizza on the floor and spill red wine on the couch and have sex in every square foot there is, LOL. Yuck.

I could go on and on. Bottom line is this: I think Brian Page is legit and so is the 8-Week BNB Formula Masterclass Program he pitches you at the end of the webby… for one payment of $997 or two installments of $597.

And I think, if you’re someone who loves to problem-solve and lead a team and always be available to put out fires, and you thrive off of chaos, you could absolutely make a living off Airbnb. Maybe even scale it to six-figures.

But me personally? It’s a hard-no. Especially when I can throw up a simple little website in one afternoon, rank it in Google, forward the leads it produces to a small business, and RENT those results (to that biz owner) for $500/mo, $1,000/mo, or sometimes much more than that… depending on how much they’re making from the leads.

And I can rinse and repeat without managing anyone or being bothered by anyone and I never need to leave the house. Does that sound appealing to you? If so, click the link below.

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