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Bobby Stocks Reviews (AHCS Personalized Franchise System)

BizHustle411.com Facebook Ad

Bobby Stocks knows your pain. And, in the next 30 days, he’s going to help you start and scale your agency without worrying about where to get clients or how to fulfill for them. That is, if his latest Facebook ad is to be believed.

Can you trust him? Read my AHCS Personalized Franchise System review below to find out. But first, check out the anti-agency model 6,311 students are winning with:

Back to Bobby. When I click his ad, I land on his squeeze page. There, I’m asked to register for a free training that’ll reveal:

  • What research says about the gloomy future of digital marketing agencies.
  • The software Bobby uses to sell and serve high-retainer clients, while only working a few hours a month.
  • Why experience doesn’t matter—as long as you have this one tool.
  • How to get past clients to pony up a lot more money.
  • How to launch new ad campaigns with just one click.

Also, something about an “AHCS Personal Franchise” and an eight-week guarantee. At this point, I’m confused. Was Bobby out of Adderall when he made this funnel? Dude’s all over the place.

Bobby Stocks Critique

No choice but to opt-in and sort this out. After entering my name and email, I was redirected to a hidden page. As promised, the training video was front and center.

Below it, there were lots of video testimonials and big red button with the following prompt: “Click here to apply for the AHCS Personalized Franchise System.”

I also received the following email:


Want a transcript of the training?


Bobby n Rob


Hi Cory,

Thanks for checking out the training.

If you didn’t get a chance to finish it I’ve got a transcript of it for you!

Click here to check it out.

P.S. I’m all about rewarding action-takers.

They’re the type of people I want in Digital Storefronts because they have the highest-probability of success.

For that reason… you’ll find a shameless bribe on the next page that expires in when the timer below hits zero.

Click here to check out the bonuses specifically designed to get you results… FAST!

Ah! I see what you did there, Bobby Stocks. This is just another lead-in to the Digital Storefronts coaching program you run with conman Cory Long and Rob Sekel. (You wily son of a gun, you!)

Ad Agency Hustle Bobby Rob

Even though I already spilled the tea on renting digital storefronts, I’ll cruise through this video and see if anything jumps out.

Twenty minutes in, I still have no f*cking idea what this is. Bobby warns the “agency apocalypse” is coming. Then goes off on a tangent about how he’s made millions and won 2 Comma Club awards. Then he’ll cut to a video clip of someone from a whole different program (Local Marketing Masters or some sh*t) singing his praises. And now he says he’s got some push-button software that’s gonna change the game.

By the time Bobby gets to the pitch, A) I need a cigarette, and B) now I’m thinking maybe this is a different offer than Digital Storefronts, and he just forgot to swap out the autoresponder. ‘Cause here’s what you’ll get, apparently:

The AHCS Personalized Franchise Software

To me, this felt like Bobby Stocks, along with all of his biz buddies, took all their random courses and assets that they’ve acquired over the years by bouncing from one trend to the next, and threw it all together and couldn’t really decide on a name for it.

Also, is it just me or does Bobby give off serious shyster vibes? I dunno. Just his voice and delivery and the way he just randomly threw this mess-of-an-offer together… personally, I’d rather swallow screws than give this guy my money.

Plus, if this AHCS Personalized Franchise System is its own thing? And he’s involved with Digital Storefronts? And he claims he’s “still in the trenches” running his agency every day? How-the-f*ck would he have the time and energy to make this offer any good? My man is stretched too thin.

And I bet the AHCS Personalized Franchise System costs at least $10,000. It’s a no for me, dawg. Gross.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.