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Jason Bond Net Worth, Reviews, Dirty Laundry

Jason Bond Bio

Jason Bond learned how to trade stocks while working as a P.E. teacher. At one point he was a quarter-million dollars in debt. But, as he improved as a trader, began living well below his means, and with the help of some side hustles, he was able to pay it all off and eventually get ahead.

Today, instead of gym class, he teaches other investors how to profit with stocks, no matter what the market’s doing.

Along with his business partner, Jeff Bishop, he launched Raging Bull—a multi-seven-figure publishing company that makes most of its money selling premium newsletters and stock picking services.

Jason Bond is happily married, has one son, and resides in New Hampshire.

But what are people saying about his programs? I did some digging. Here’s what I found.

Jason Bond reviews

Jason Bond Complaints

“I’m just getting started with the service. Captured a $288 gain with Zedge Inc. and will capture another small gain on New Age Beverage. These two picks have more than paid for my subscription,” wrote one person.

Another happy camper said, “I very recently signed up for Jason Bond’s service (end of September) and started going through the training videos, including a couple of sessions he did on Facebook.”

“He is legit and [I] learnt a lot from these sessions,” they continued. “I also quickly found success with the WWR trade this week, with a 75% win with a swing trade—picking up the shares on Friday and offloading between Monday and Tuesday this week.”

“I look forward to continue to learn and hope for more findings like WWR this past week as I am looking for supplemental income as I work full-time and [am] only able to trade here and there,” they added.

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Another person, on Quora, had this to say: “I am a subscriber to Jason Bond Picks. I love them. I have made some great money by learning his stock trading strategy and following his alerts.”

“It is not too difficult to copy his swing trading alerts; we often get a better entry and exit than he does!” they said. “[Although], his day trades (he calls them momentum trades) can be much more difficult to replicate due to the volume of buyers after his alert,” they warned.

Not everyone’s tickled pink with Jason’s programs though. “Been with Jason Bond Picks for about two months and it sucks,” one subscriber wrote. “You get alerted on a buy and immediately cannot match the buy price.”

Because you’re always late to the party, they explained, Jason might win on the trade, but you don’t. Worse, to take advantage of his 30 day money-back guarantee, Jason makes it difficult by forcing you to complete a two hour course first.

“They shouldn’t call it a money-back guarantee because it is a lie unless you take the additional training,” they ranted, before rating Jason’s Monday Movers product as just okay and his Dark Pool Profits service as “not so great.”

Further, they didn’t care for the barrage of upsells you’re hit with. They suggested you “shop around” before pulling the trigger on any of Jason’s services, pointing out that he and Jeff Bishop “are millionaires based on subscription payments, not stocks.”

Now I’m curious: how rich is the professional stock winner… or should I say swindler?

Jason Bond’s net worth

Jason Bond Wealth

Truth be told, only Jason Bond and his accountant know his actual net worth. Different websites have it listed from as low as $5 million to as high as $26 million dollars.

We think it’s around $9 million, with the lion’s share coming from selling his “secrets” and not actually from trading.

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