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Local Boss Review

Adam Davies Marketing

Local Boss review: it’s a coaching program by Adam Davies, who’ll supposedly help you escape the rat race by starting and growing a profitable local lead generation business from the comfort of home.

There’s three basic components to doing this: (1) he teaches you how to get high-paying clients; (2) he shows you how to get those clients leads via Facebook ads; and (3) he helps you implement systems to automate and scale the bidness.

Now I’m sure you’ve got two main questions for me.

First, is Local Boss legit?

Answer: of course it is.  Local businesses ain’t goin’ anywhere and they’ll always be willing to pay for high-ROI marketing and advertising services.

Second, how much does Local Boss cost?

Local Boss Pricing Email

But, to be fair, that’s less than you’d make, if you get in, get busy, and land a client or two… who then pay you month after month for years to come, right?  Right.

Like, if you’re worried about the price of Local Boss, you’re worried about the wrong thing.  If you believe in this concept and in Adam Davies, it really doesn’t matter what it costs.

So does that mean I recommend you buy Local Boss?  Dude, that’s up to you.

My two pennies, though?  Is that… Facebook ads are gettin’ pretty played out.  Urrbody’s got a here’s-how-to-make-money-running-Facebook-ads-for-brick-and-mortars course these days.

Dan Henry, Cat Howell, Billy Gene, Jeff Samis, James Bonadies and the list goes on and on.

Needless to say, sh*t’s getting saturated – fast!  This makes it more expensive for everyone to run Facebook ads.  Not only that, but you have thousands of “students” joining these programs every month… who’re all being taught to go do the same lame pitch to the same types of local businesses… which means: you’ve got a lot of competition – on top of margins that are gettin’ thinner and thinner… like LeBron’s hairline.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Facebook advertising.  It still works.  It’s just that it’s getting louder and pricier by the day.  And I can’t help but wonder if, at this point, you’re late to the party… if you’re just now getting in.  Ya know?

I also don’t love paid ads for newbies or anyone who’s on a tight budget cuz, regardless of what the course creator says, you still gotta come outta pocket to run these ads, get leads, and offer free trials to get your first few clients.  And what happens when the ad flops?  Or the owner isn’t impressed?  Or the chick who verbally committed to $1k per month for six months changes her mind one week in?  Huh?  Who’s on the hook for the cost of those FB ads?  You are, amigo.

Just some food for thought.

Like, me?  I started out mastering free traffic.  I didn’t have thousands of dollars to experiment with.  And, as you can see, still to this day – tens of millions of dollars in profit later – here I am, still using organic (aka free search engine traffic) as my foundation.

I mean, how’d you find this?


You went to Google and searched for something like Local Boss program or Local Boss price or somethin’ similar… didn’t you?  And boom, here you are.  Reading this.  On my ugly little website.  And guess how much it cost me to get you here?  Try a $10 domain name and a few bucks a month for hosting.  See what I’m sayin’?  Not only does free traffic allow you to risk almost nothing, and pocket nearly every penny of profit, but it also brings better leads.

Think about it:

You came to me.  I didn’t interrupt you… by poppin’ up uninvited in your Facebook newsfeed, did I?  Nope.  So what I’m gettin’ at is… ranking in Google is more likely to bring you buyers – not looky-loos.  And that’s what businesses pay for.  Actual customers.  Amiright?

Like, yeah, we call the industry “local lead generation.”  But it misses the point.  It’s not leads businesses want.  It’s dolla-dolla bills, y’all.  They wanna hand you one dollar and get four back.  And that’s a millionty times easier to pull off when you do what I’m doin’ here, and position yourself in front of peeps who practically have their credit cards already out.

Bottom line:

Props to Alex Davies and Local Boss.  I don’t think you’d regret pullin’ the trigger on that.

But you might like this lil’ guy even better.

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