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Bossless Forever Review

Amiee Ball Course

Bossless Forever review: it’s a coaching program by Amiee Ball that’ll teach ya how to sell leads to local business owners.

How?  By finding high commercial intent keywords (aka buyer search terms people are already lookin’ up in Google, such as: “best yoga studio DesMoines, Iowa”)… then building ugly lil’ websites that rank for such terms… then capturing emails and calls… and finally, forwarding those leads to local business owners… in exchange for da monies.  Or sexual favors.  Or whatever.

Is Bossless Forever legit?  Bro.  Is Amiee Ball easy on the eyes?  Yes.  It works incredibly well.  Always has, always will.  Think about it: are businesses goin’ anywhere?  How ’bout Google?  (No and no.)  And do you foresee a time where, all of a sudden, small businesses stop paying for marketing and ads?  (Of course not.)  And doncha think, if you’re passin’ ’em white hot leads – who’re actively seekin’ out their services – they’ll make some sales?  (You betcha.)  And if they’re making a lot and you’re charging ’em a lil’… doncha think they’ll probably stick around for a while?  (Damn straight they will.)  And if you can set up these sweet lil’ money-making websites in, like, one afternoon… then collect a check each month… for years to come… think that’s a pretty good use of your time?  (My dude.  It’s like a $7,000 an hour skill.  Can’t think of any other skill the average person could do… that has that kind of return on your time.)  And if that’s all true, why not rinse and repeat?  And set up dozens more?  And stack one recurring income stream on top of the next… till you’re free to do what you want, when you want, with who you want… and be, um, Bossless Forever?

Well, that’s the dream Amiee Ball’s sellin’ ya; and, while I might’ve oversimplified a bit, I can tell you – from experience – it’s possible.

But what’s it gonna cost ya?  Well, word on the street is, Ball’s Bossless Forever program costs $6,000.  Now before you go nuclear, run some numbers.  Say one of these websites, on average, makes you $500 a month.  Cool.  And say the client sticks around for a year.  Boom.  There’s your $6k back.  And what if, when that client leaves, you simply forward the leads to his or her competitor?  (Savage, I know, but hey, this is biz, not Sunday School.)  And say they stick around for a year – now you’ve doubled your money, haven’t you?  But why stop there?  Why not make 15 more?  25?  F*ck, why not have 50 of these “online rental properties” paying you, almost entirely hands-free, every 30 days… like clockwork.  Cuz, a wise man (or was it Drake?) once said: “This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, sh*t don’t ever stop.”  Meaning, keep goin’.  Amiright?

So yeah.  I give Bossless Forever two thumbs up.  And if I had a third thumb, I’d put that up too.

Now here’s where it gets awkward.  I happen to know the guy Amiee Ball learned all this from.  The O.G. of this whole process.  He’s who I learned it from as well.  Ditto 4,933 others – last time I checked (it’s probably well beyond that now).  So, if you watch Amiee’s webinar and you’re not quite feelin’ her, of if you just wanna learn straight from the master himself, hey I don’t blame you.  Here he is, alongside Grant Cardone, on video.

Either way, you should definitely explore this business model.  It’s basically what I’m doin’ here, only faster and easier cuz it’s at the local (city) level.  And, I mean, if you found this article and read it all the way through… clearly, the sh*t works – doesn’t it?

And it didn’t cost me a dime to get you here.  Unlike, ahem, FB ads.  Which seem to be all the rage these days.  And I’m prob’ly out enjoying life – bein’ bossless AF – while these words put on overalls and shovel sh*t for me 24/7/365.  Doesn’t get more passive – or profitable – than that.  Just sayin’.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.